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B.A./B.S. Anthropology

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Exploring Human Cultures

Anthropologists study cultures around the world, uncovering the mysteries of how people lived before us and giving insight into the societies of today. In this major, examine the globe’s cultural diversity, explore human evolution, study societies of the past and present and get hands-on in the university’s Laboratory of Anthropology.

Fast Facts

  • Anthropologists are everywhere. They do not just dig up artifacts and work in far-away locations, but work all over the world and have careers in many different occupations.
  • Many of our students acquire hands-on research experiences through faculty research projects, the Laboratory of Anthropology, and field schools.
  • Many of our undergraduates attend and even present papers at professional conferences.
  • Famous people who studied anthropology include author Kurt Vonnegut, actor Hugh Laurie, nature show host and producer Jeff Corwin, writer and filmmaker Michael Crichton, actress Glenn Close, President Obama’s mother Ann Durham, singer Tracy Chapman, and celebrity chef Giada deLaurentis.
  • Scientific Research
  • Government
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Consulting
  • International Development
  • Education
  • Forensics
  • Social Services
  • Human Rights and Environmental Organizations
  • Law
  • Medical Research and Public Health
  • Media
  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Public Relations
Salary $35,235 - $152,430 based on national averages
Degree Roadmap Download a PDF of the undergraduate degree requirements and a sample "Four Year Plan."
Find Your Advisor
  • Jeff Markos Memorial Scholarship
  • Roderick Sprague Endowment in Anthropology
  • John Calhoun Smith Memorial Fund
  • Anthropology outstanding student award
Financial Aid

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Get Involved
Get Involved
Hands-On Learning

Students work on faculty research projects, volunteer at the Laboratory of Anthropology, field schools, and in University of Idaho International Exchange programs.

  • Anthropology Club