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Psychology & Communications Studies
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Jamie Derrick, Ph.D.

Office: Mary Forney Hall 013
Phone: 885-5057
Email: jamiederrick@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Department of Psychology and Communication Studies- University of Idaho
P.O. Box 443043
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3043

College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
Department of Psychology and Communication Studies
Assistant Professor

Campus Locations: Moscow
With UI Since 1999

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Clinical psychology interventions for emotional and social competence
    • Mindfulness practices as a pathway to emotional healing
    • Art and Creativity as pathways to emotional well-being
    • Dream analysis
  • Biography

    I have worked at the University of Idaho for over a decade. I'm a licensed Psychologist and have a small private practice as a Depth Psychologist. I am mindfulness meditation teacher with certification from UCLA, Mindful Awareness Research Center. I teach nationally on topics related mindfulness, creativity, and emotional well-being. I have very applied interests (meaning I like theory to be used to create effective, real life outcomes). Accordingly I have developed courses and workshops to explore the how of mindfulness and expressive art promote health and wellness.  I am offering free drop-in guided meditation to faculty/ staff/ students at University of Idaho to help promote health on our campus.  I am a single parent with two children and I love family life. I enjoy bicycling, yoga, water sports, art, and reading.

  • Selected Publications
    • 2006, Nekich, J. Web-based interactive student study guide (sixteen learning modules with self-scoring quizzes) for Developmental Psychology. Wadsworth Publishers: San Francisco.
    • 2001, Locke, K & Nekich, J. (2001).  Agency and communion in naturalistic social comparison.  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 26, 864-874.
  • Research Projects
    • 2014 Derrick (Nekich), J and Alexander, T. (October, 2014). Strategies for building a ‘strengthening the spirit curriculum with Native American youth. Indian Education Summit, Lewiston Idaho.
    • 2013 Derrick (Nekich), J and Alexander, T. (October, 2013). Using Contemplative Practices to Strengthen the Young Scholar’s ‘Spirit’. Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs, Portland Oregon.
    • Sept 2007 – May 2008, Workshops for Performance Artists- Moscow, Idaho Use of dream, journaling, and guided imagination to access personal story and emotion to enhance stage performance.
    • June 2007, Workshops for Professional Psychologists- Santa Barbara, California Use of art and theatre techniques to enhance dream analysis in clinical practice.
  • Outreach Projects
    • 2014 Derrick, J. (July, 2014). Mindfulness and Contemplative Art Practices. Training in Arts-based Mindfulness offered in Department of Psychiatry to international students studying mindfulness practices and integrative medicine.
    • 2014 Derrick, J. (April, 2014). Mindfulness and Contemplative Art Practices. Professional facilitation in mindfulness offered at UCLA Wellness Symposium sponsored by UCLA Student Organizations.
    • 2013 Nekich, J. (July, 2013). Mindfulness-based Art and Identity Formation in Student Leaders. Invited workshop with high risk, low income minority students admitted to the University of Idaho TRIO program for youth leadership training.
    • 2009 Nekich, J. (May, 2009). Theatre of the Oppressed as a tool for Social Activism.  Workshop presented to The University of Idaho Chapter of Psi Chi, a National Honor Society for Psychology Students.
    • 2008 Nekich, J. (May, 2008). Use of Expressive Art and Personal Narrative in Therapy.  Talk presented to The University of Idaho Chapter of Psi Chi, a National Honor Society for Psychology Students.
    • 2008 Nekich, J. (April, 2008).  The Psychology of Sustainability.  Talk presented as part of a six-week symposium on sustainability organized by the Moscow Unitarian Universalist Church.
    • 2003 Nekich, J. (February, 2003).  Attachment and healthy development.  Keynote address for the Young Children and Youth Awards Banquet, Moscow, Idaho.
  • Awards and Honors
    • January 2015, ASUI Senate passed a resolution supporting Dr. Derrick's meditation classes at the University of Idaho
    • April 2014, Voted Best Professor by Gamma Phi Delta, University of Idaho
    • 2003, University of Idaho, Student Disability Support Services, Outstanding Faculty Award
    • 2002, Moscow, Idaho School District #281, Award for Service to Public Schools
    • 2001, University of Idaho, Award for Excellence, Alumni Association
    • 2001, University of Idaho, Dean of Students, Outstanding Faculty Award