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Political Science Department

Physical Address:
Administration Bldg. #205
PHONE: (208) 885-6328
FAX: (208) 885-5102

Mailing Address:
Political Science Department
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 5102
Moscow, ID 83844-3165

The James A. and Louise McClure Center for Public Policy Research
McClure Center Website

500 & 600 Level Political Science Courses

PolS 500 Master's Research and Thesis (cr arr)
Graded Pass/Fail.

PolS 501 (s) Seminar (cr arr)
Areas normally offered incl U.S. politics, U.S. foreign policy, African and Asian politics, community power and politics, U.S. political thought, public law, public administration, and political development. One 2-day field trip is authorized for the seminar in public administration.
Prereq: Permission

PolS 502 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

PolS 503 (s) Workshop (cr arr)
6 Political Science Courses

PolS 504 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

PolS 510 Game Theory (3 cr)
See PolS J410/J510.

PolS 521 Political Leadership (3 cr)
See PolS J421/J521.

PolS 523 Politics, Policy and Gender (3 cr)
See PolS J423/J523.

PolS 525 History of Political Philosophy I (3 cr)
See PolS J425/J525.

PolS 526 History of Political Philosophy II (3 cr)
See PolS J426/J526.

PolS 528 American Political Thought (3 cr)
See PolS J428/J528.

PolS 529 Contemporary Political Ethics (3 cr)
See PolS J429/J529.

PolS WS530 Scope of Political Science (3 cr) WSU Pol S 501

PolS 534 American Lawmaking Institutions (3 cr)
See PolS J434/J534.

PolS 535 Advanced Political Science and Research Methods (3 cr)
See PolS J435/J535.

PolS 536 Policy Deliberation in the New Information Society (3 cr)
See PolS J436/J536.

PolS 537 American Presidency (3 cr)
See PolS J437/J537.

PolS 540 (s) International Organizations and International Law (3 cr)
See PolS J440/J540.

PolS 549 World Politics and War (3 cr)
See PolS J449/J549.

PolS 550 Nonprofit Organization and Management (3 cr)
See PolS J450/J550.

PolS ID552 Administrative Law and Regulation (3 cr)
See PolS J452/J552.

PolS 554 Public Organization Theory (3 cr)
See PolS J454/J554.

PolS 555 Seminar in Administrative Theory (3 cr)
Major writers in administrative theory and concepts such as leadership, supervision, authority, decision-making, and human relations. (Alt/yrs)

PolS ID556 Governmental Policy and Program Analysis (3 cr) WSU Pol S 515
Techniques used to analyze policy alternatives and to evaluate program; developing program objectives, management by objectives, productivity analysis, program evaluation, and policy analysis.

PolS 557 Governmental Budgeting (3 cr)
Theory and practice of budgeting in a political environment; focus on potentials and limitations of various budgeting systems, particular viz the federal experience.

PolS 562 Natural Resource Policy (3 cr)
Same as CSS 582. Carries no credit after PolS 462. Political and institutional context for making natural resource policy; emphasis on interaction between private and public sectors and the federal, state, and tribal governments, including an examination of topical issues in natural resource politics.

PolS 564 Environmental Politics and Policy (3 cr)
Political and institutional context for the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of U.S. environmental policy.

PolS 567 Constitutional Law (3 cr)
See PolS J467/J567.

PolS 568 Civil Liberties (3 cr)
See PolS J468/J568.

PolS 569 The Judicial Process (3 cr)
See PolS J469/J569.

PolS 571 Intergovernmental Relations (3 cr)
See PolS J471/J571.

PolS 572 Local Government Politics and Administration (3 cr)
See PolS J472/J572.

PolS 573 Sustainable Community Development Planning (3 cr)
See PolS J473/J573.

PolS 575 Public Personnel Administration (3 cr)
Personnel administration in public agencies; history of the personnel and merit systems; recruitment; selection, training, and evaluation of administrators; collective bargaining and political activity in public service; personnel administration and democracy.

PolS 580 Politics of Development (3 cr)
See PolS J480/J580.

PolS 587 Political Violence and Revolution (3 cr)
See PolS J487/J587.

PolS 598 (s) Internship (cr arr)

PolS 600 Doctoral Research and Dissertation (cr arr)
Graded Pass/Fail.