Hannah Wells
I AM GOING TO ACHIEVE MY DREAM. I will be a success story. I can promise you that. I chose the University of Idaho largely because of a full-ride scholarship to play basketball, and because it really is a great school. What I didn't know was how I would grow and change as an individual. Idaho has taught me the importance of overcoming obstacles — how to deal with life's struggles without letting myself settle for less than my best effort.

This last semester, I was having a tough time with a statistics class, but with the help of a great tutor and a lot of hard work, I got through it. Actually, I didn’t just get through it … I did really well — all A's and B's on my quizzes and tests. That's what I love about the University of Idaho, and Moscow in general; it's a college town where everyone is so supportive. From people you meet on the street to my friends, neighbors and professors.

I’m a communication studies major, taking classes like Dispute Resolution, Conflict Management, Research Methods, and Psychology; and I’m surrounded by people who are there to help me succeed. Playing varsity basketball and being a student can be quite the juggling act, but my experiences in and out of the classroom have taught me that I can achieve anything my heart desires — even if there are times when I need help. It might sound crazy, but I’m going to be an actor someday. After I graduate from Idaho, I’m going to film school to pursue my dream. There's nothing that can stop me.


Where are you from?
I grew up in Puyallup, WA, about 5 miles east of Tacoma. Puyallup is native for, “the generous people.”

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
After graduation, I plan on attending film school in L.A. to pursue my film career. I am an aspiring actress.

How is the University of Idaho helping you to achieve your goals?
The University of Idaho is an amazing place to make friends and I have met people who will be with me forever. But most importantly, being here has taught me how to deal with struggles and shown me that I cannot let myself settle for less than my best effort. Every day, I am surrounded by people who inspire me to be great.

Do you have any comments about your program?
Being a communication studies major and a varsity basketball player is sometimes very hectic, but nevertheless, a learning experience either way. I learn things off the court that I can take on the court. I’m a better player because I can stay calm in the game and get inside my opponent’s head. I’m learning things in my major that I can take with me anywhere in life.