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Clear Bag Policy

In 2020, the University of Idaho implemented a Clear Bag Policy for all events held in the Kibbie Dome. While policies like this may be inconvenient, your safety and security is our #1 priority while in our facility. Efforts are continuously being made to minimize the inconvenience a policy such as this may have on our patrons. With that in mind, we understand that the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (LHJF) is a unique event requiring exceptions to portions of the policy. As a result, we have made adjustments and provided opportunities for registered attendees of the LHJF to enjoy expedited security screening when entering the Kibbie Dome. These opportunities will vary depending on what event you are attending in the Kibbie Dome, so please read the below information carefully so you are well prepared. For quick reference, please refer to our Safety Regulations PDF.

Artist Workshop (Noon Daily) & Young Artist Concert (4:30 p.m. Daily)

Expedited “pre check” lines will be provided for all attendees wearing their participant credentials. Signs will be present identifying these “pre check” lines at each entrance. These lines will allow you to enter the facility with your instrument(s) and bags associated with carrying those instruments without screening. Security reserves the right to search these bags at any time. All other bags carrying personal items not associated with your instruments will still be required to be held inside an authorized clear bag. Prohibited items will still be enforced. For a description of authorized clear bags and a list of prohibited items, please see the university's Clear Bag Policy.

Evening Concerts (7:30 p.m. Daily)

Full enforcement of the clear bag policy will be implemented. No pre check lines will be available. While instrument cases will be permitted, they will be searched. If you have not qualified to perform on the main stage in the evening concert, we strongly encourage you not to bring instruments into the venue with you. Doing so will significantly slow entrance into the facility. In addition, enforcement of all prohibited items will occur. Please remind your students that all outside food and drink will be confiscated upon entry.

As a convenience, we are providing all registered schools with free clear bags for their attending groups. We hope that providing these bags help in complying with the clear bag policy. We are excited to welcome you to the University of Idaho and in particular, the beautiful Kibbie Dome!

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival

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