Gus Simpson

Check, Check: Listening to the Sound of Success

Written by Amanda Cairo

Combining passion and career aspirations, Gus Simpson, from Salmon, is taking control of his education at the University of Idaho.

The broadcasting and digital media senior in the honors program had a host of choices as a National Merit Scholar, but he knew Idaho was where he wanted to be.

“I looked at several other schools, but the University of Idaho just stood out to me,” says Simpson. “It felt like a good fit.”

After spending a year with an undeclared major, the home-schooled Simpson began to gather his interests: audio and video production, graphic design, photography and journalism, to figure out what kind of career he wanted.

“Taking the time to decide what I really wanted to do was nice,” says Simpson, who was able to concentrate his interests in largely one school. “Dabbling around helped me focus.”

While he currently works for the University’s Sound, Production and Lighting team,
Simpson also took advantage of several other opportunities on campus, like writing for the Argonaut and working with Campus Crusade for Christ. Through his course of study, Simpson has been able to work with ESPN crews who come in for special events, like football games. He keeps in touch with the people he’s met, keeping his options open.

He also has interests beyond the campus, providing sound and video production for his church, Real Life. He also leads a youth group.

“I was really involved with my church back home, so being able to help out my church here has been a great experience,” says Simpson. “I’m trying to get as much experience as I can and work with as may groups as I can.”

Adding to his resume, Simpson works at Washington State University’s Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum to experience a different, larger venue.

As Simpson finishes up his required classes, he says he would like more hands-on opportunities to hone his skills before graduation. But what classes he has taken have offered exceptional instruction.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at the University and Moscow; they have become home to me,” says Simpson.

Taking his education beyond the Moscow, Simpson interned with a Young Life camp in Colorado. He worked on scrapbook DVDs that compiled daily videos for the campers, plus he shot additional footage from each week. His production classes and assignments have served him well over the summer. Simpson is looking at spending another internship with Young Life.

Graduation is still nine months away, but Simpson is looking ahead at career options and where he’d like to live. Right now, staying in Moscow is looking good, as Simpson says he is considering taking a year off before having a full-fledged career. He’s also looking at graduate school.

“I want to learn as much as I can this last year and get myself out there,” says Simpson.