2006 Borah Foundation

Von Walden, Chair

Shawn Cothran, Student

Dana Cotton, Student

Jim Gregson, Adult, Career, and Professional Education

John Hasko, Law

Robert Heckendorn, Computer Science

Walter Hesford, English

Sandy McCurdy, Ag & Extension Education

Lorri Morgan, Student

Nancy Patterson, Student

Greg Turner-Rahman, Art

Sharon Scott, Martin Institute

Bill L. Smith, Martin Institute

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collage of forest, oil drums, whale tail, and crowd of people "Resource Wars"

"Resource Wars" Symposium 2006

March 26-29, 2006

Sponsored by The Borah Foundation in collaboration with Martin Institute, The College of Natural Resources and The College of Law.
"Resource Wars" brings some of the best minds in global resource analysis together to explore the history and potential for conflict over the ever increasing demand for limited resources. All talks are free to the public.

Additional funding provided by:
Conservation Social Sciences, the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Research Cooperative Unit, Fish and Wildlife Resources, Forest Products, Forest Resources, and Rangeland Ecology and Management, The Department of Geography, and the UI CATIE NSF-IGERT Project.
Archived Webcasts are posted here shortly after the event. The free Realplayer is needed to view this archive webcast.

Sunday, March 26
Global Simulation Game
5 p.m-8 p.m., PE Building Gym (2nd floor)

100 UI students will get to participate in a three hour interactive world simulation game played on a giant world map. The game is presented by OS Earth. The game teaches participants how the world works by letting them make decisions for nations of the world. It stimulates thought on how we better manage the world and its resources.

A lottery will be held for the limited number of participant spots. Even if you can't play drop by and observe from the side lines.

Monday, March 27
Global Petro-politics - Dr. Klare
12:30 p.m. SUB Silver-Gold Room

Spiritual Negotiations: The Kabbalah of Conflict  - Dr. Wolf
2:30 p.m. SUB Silver-Gold Room

Oil and Water - Conflict Over Resources - Presentations and Discussion  - Drs. klare and Wolf
7 p.m. SUB Ballroom
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Tuesday, March 28

Recognition of Responsibility: Cooperation or Conflict – Severn Cullis-Suzuki

Wednesday, March 29
Collapse – How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed – Jared Diamond
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