If you are a non-degree seeking student, you will need to complete the following Professional Development & Workshop Registration form to apply for non-degree admission and register for your classes. A person admitted as a non-degree seeking student who wants to take undergraduate courses must...

(1) be a high school graduate or have completed the GED; and
(2) understand that acceptance in this category doe not constitute acceptance to a degree-granting program;
(3) have sufficient educational background to qualify for the course or courses in which enrollment is sought;
(4) accept personal responsibility for the applicability of credits earned while registered in this category; and
(5) be aware that non-degree seeking students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

Non-degree seeking students may register for no more than 7 credits each semester and may complete a maximum of 32 semester credits.

Note on credit policy at the University of Idaho: Graduate students can take up to 12 credits without submitting a formal application. Undergraduate students can take up to 32 credits as non-degree seeking before they stop applying towards a bachelors degree.
If you are already in the system and familiar with Vandalweb, you can register online and follow these steps:
  1. Click on Student Information / Registration Menu • Next, click on Registration Menu 
  2. Choose the term
  3. Next, click on Add/Drop Classes
  4. Enter CRN's and click Submit Changes button Find CRN’s in the Class Schedule online at: