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Degrees offered in Coeur d’Alene:
Bachelor's of Science in Psychology
Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology

Program Delivery Method
Lower division core classes are offered at North Idaho College.
UI courses are offered live in the evenings and on weekends, or there are many online courses to choose from.

About the Program
Psychology is the scientific study of thinking, emotion and behavior. It is a diverse field and can be applied to almost all aspects of everyday life: interpersonal relationships, college life, lifelong learning, family and the work environment.

Education and training for becoming a Chemical Dependency Counselor also is available through the Psychology Department .

More Information
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Dr. Richard Reardon, Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences and Psychology Professor
phone: (208) 292-2523
fax: (208) 667-5275
Adviser: Psychology, Organizational Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies
Becky Byers, Recruitment and Advising Coordinator
phone: (208) 292-2510
fax: (208) 664-1272
General advising
Advisor: English, Environmental Science, General Studies