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Geographic Information Systems


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an innovative technology using digital information about earth surface features and location patterns to produce useful maps and analytical solutions to complex problems in physical, environmental, social and economic sciences. Applications of GIS have expanded continuously during the past decade, and GIS software has become very powerful, enabling complex problem solving in a wide variety of public and private sector settings worldwide.

The GIS Certificate Program is designed to enhance or strengthen your GIS credentials. The program provides:
  • An introduction to GIS applications
  • Integration of remote sensing with GIS
  • Knowledge of the research directions in GIS technology

How to apply:
Students can take the first class in the GIS Certificate sequence, GEOG 385, Intro to GIS Primer, as a non-degree seeking student.  Apply for non-degree admission

After completing GEOG 385 and before continuing on with the GIS Certificate program, a student must apply as a degree seeking student through either undergraduate or graduate admissions and submit all supplemental application materials (application fee, transcripts, etc..)
Apply for either undergraduate or graduate admission

Access to ArcGIS (an ESRI software) is available for students online through Information Technology Services.

Programs offered in Coeur d’Alene: 

Geographic Information Systems Certificate

Geographic Information Systems Certificate