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Scott Metlen Ph.D,
Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of
Operations Management
College of Business & Economics
P.O. Box 443161
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3161
Office: ALB 223
Phone: 208-885-5480
Email: metlen@uidaho.edu

Welcome to the Business Process Center

The University of Idaho College of Business and Economics Business Process Center conducts process improvement projects for Northwest Companies. It enables students to experience real world business processes through delineation of a current process and the redesign and improvement of that process to increase a company’s effectiveness.  Students are exposed to process modeling and process control software. 

Students gain experience in management and control of a process companies want Quality Management students to help improve process outputs by reducing scrap and rework.  In the systems and simulations class, like processes are simulated to determine how to improve resource use cost, and/or throughput. 

In general the Business Process Center consists of usually 3 to 5 students per team and up to 10 teams a semester.