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Yun Chung

Dr. Yun Chung

Office: ALB227
Phone: 208-885-0843
Email: yunchung@uidaho.edu

University of Idaho
Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Workplace diversity and faultlines, social networks, strategic human resource management, teams, training and development and retirement security
  • Biography
    Yunhyung Chung  is an associate professor of management and human resources in the Department of Business in the College of Business and Economics at University of Idaho. She received her Ph.D. from the School of Management and Labor Relations (Human Resource Management emphasis) at Rutgers University. Her research interests include workplace diversity and faultlines, social networks, strategic human resource management, and retirement security.
  • Selected Publications
    • Chung, Y., Liao, H., Jackson, S., E., Subramony, M. A., Colakoglu, S., & Jiang, Y. Cracking but not breaking: Joint effects of faultline strength and diversity climate on loyal behavior. Academy of Management Journal. Forthcoming. 
    • Chung, Y., & Park, Y. Do financial networks matter in retirement investment decision? Evidence from Generation Yers,” Financial Services Review. In press. (Corresponding author: Professor Young Park)
    • Chung, Y., & Park, Y. The effects of financial education and networks on business students’ financial literacy. American Journal of Business Education. In press. (Corresponding author: Professor Young Park)
    • Chung, Y. 2013. Trainee readiness for diversity training. Journal of Diversity Management. 8: 77-84.
    • Chung, Y., & Jackson, S. E. 2013. The internal and external networks of knowledge intensive teams: The role of task routineness. Journal of Management. 39: 442-468.
    • Jiang, Y., Jackson, S. E., Shaw, J. B., & Chung, Y. 2012. The consequences of educational specialty and nationality faultlines for project teams. Small Group Research. 43: 613-644.
    • Baker-Eveleth, L., Chung, Y., Eveleth, D. M., & O'Neill, M. 2011. Developing a community of practice through learning climate, leader support and leader interaction. American Journal of Business Education. 4: 33-40. 
    • Chung, Y., & Jackson, S. E. 2011. Coworker trust and knowledge creation: A multilevel analysis. Journal of Trust Research. 1: 65-83.
      • This paper has placed in the seventh most cited/read paper (as of July 2013)
    • Lovelace, K. J., Chung, Y. 2010. A set of integrated exercises for increasing student awareness of issues facing female expatriates. Journal of Management Education, 34: 746-774.
    • Lepak, D., Liao, H., Chung, Y., & Harden, E. 2006. A conceptual review of human resource management systems in strategic HRM research (vol. Vol 25, pp. 217-272). Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management, Elsevier Science.
    • Chung, Y., Shaw, J. B., & Jackson, S. E. 2006. Faultline index for groups: A guide for SAS users, Version 1.0 (for categorical attributes). Rutgers University, USA. (A SAS code and a program instruction available at http://smlr.rutgers.edu/about-smlr/research-publications-susan-e-jackson). 
  • Awards and Honors
    • The 2014 Academy of Management Best Reviewer Award, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division, Academy of Management, 2011.
    • Seed Grant, University of Idaho, 2012-2013, Title: The role of financial literacy and social networks in retirement investment decisions (Chung, Y., & Park, Y.).
    • The 2011 Academy of Management Best Papers Proceeding, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division, Academy of Management, 2011, Title: A cross-level analysis of demographic faultlines and diversity climate on job dedication (Chung, Y., Liao, H., Subramony, M. A., Jackson, S. E., Colakoglu, S., & Jiang, Y. A.).
    • Showcase Symposium at the 2007 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Organizational Behavior Division /Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division/Conflict Management Division, Academy of Management, 2007, Title: Faultlines and between-subgroup relations in teams: new perspective on team diversity (Chung, Y. & Lau, D. C.).

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