A minor (a secondary field of study outside your major discipline) in business complements many majors. With a minimum of 18 credit hours required for the minor, you'll develop a solid background in the fundamentals of business that is valuable in a wide range of career fields. The College of Business and Economics offers the following minors:


Consists of fundamental accounting courses, including Principles of Financial and Managerial accounting, Corporate Accounting and Reporting I, and Accounting for Business Decisions I and II. In addition, two or three more courses (to earn a total of 18) can be chosen from a variety of accounting electives allowing students to tailor this degree to their individual needs. Accounting Minor Advising Sheet

General Business

Designed for students outside of the College of Business and Economics. The curriculum covers the primary disciplines in business, provides a background for further graduate work and complements the student's academic major and future professional career. Business Minor Advising Sheet

International Business

Open only to the College of Business and Economics students. This minor complements each of the majors in the college and prepares students to extend their disciplinary mastery to the global economy. International Business Minor Advising Sheet