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Advising Contacts

Advising Suite

CBE Advising Suite
Albertson Building, Room 306
Phone: (208) 885-7141
Toll Free Phone: (800) 960-3033

Karen Gillespie

College Advising Specialist
(208) 885-6853
Albertston Building, Room 306A

Debbie Moos

College Advising Specialist
(208) 885-5036
Albertston Building, Room 306A
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New Students

Welcome to the College of Business and Economics. Below is a step-by-step guide to assist you with selecting courses and registering online. Please read this information thoroughly.

We do not expect you to register for every class listed below. We suggest registering for 12 to 16 credits. However, you must register for Math and English courses first semester for sequential purposes.

Follow the steps to select & register for classes:

Step 1- Review and/or print the sample registration plan. These courses are recommended during the freshman year.
Step 2- Print off a blank registration worksheet. Use this worksheet and follow Steps 2 through 7 to draft your schedule. View an example of a completed registration worksheet.
  • Step 3- Determine your math course.

    Transfer this course to your registration worksheet.

  • Step 4- Determine your English course
    • English placement is based on SAT/ACT test scores. Refer to the English Placement Chart.
    • If your ACT/SAT test score places you in English 109, you must register for ENGL 109 (Writing Studio, 1 credit) and ENGL 101 (3 credits) 
    • Challenging your English placement information (COMPASS test).
    • English wait list information. Information on adding yourself to a wait list.

    Transfer this course to your registration worksheet.

  • Step 5 - If you are bringing credits to UI
    If you have Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate credits bring this to our attention.  Once you have completed the tests, and score accordingly, this may change math or English placement.

    If you are currently taking dual enrollment college credits (Running Start), bring this to our attention.  This will affect your course selection.
  • Step 6- Other course choices
    • All freshmen are required to take an Integrated Seminars (ISEM, 3 credits) course to meet general education requirements. Refer to the Class Schedule for course descriptions. This class must be taken 1st or 2nd semester.
    • BUS 190, Integrated Business & Value Creation, (3cr)
    • COMM 101, Fundamentals of Public Speaking, (2cr)
    • Natural Science (Choose one. Meets natural and applied science core requirement.)  
      BIOL 102 & 102L (lab) Biology and Society (4cr) 
      CHEM 100 Chemistry and the Citizen (4cr)
      ENVS 101/102L (lab) Intro Environmental Science and lab (4cr)
      GEOG 100/100L (lab) Physical Geography (4cr)
      GEOL 101/101L (lab) Physical Geology (4cr)
      GEOL 102/102L (lab) Historical Geology (4cr)
      PHYS 100/100L (lab) Fundamentals of Physics (4cr)
      PHYS 103/104 (lab) General Astronomy (4cr)
      NOTE: Both lecture and lab must be completed to satisfy core requirement.
    • Free electives: for example, physical education (PEB), foreign language, or any other class that interests you. One to three credits.

    Student Athletes must register for:
    Men - PEB 107-01 TEAM - Men's Team Conditioning
    Women - PEB 107-02 TEAM - Women's Team Conditioning

    Professional Golf Management Majors must register for:
    BUS 103, Introduction to PGA Golf Management

    Transfer course(s) to your registration worksheet.

  • Step 7- Reading the Class Schedule
    • Details on How to Read the Online Class Schedule. 
    • Find your selected courses on the Web CLASS SCHEDULE (login is not required), click appropriate semester (Fall/Spring), All Courses. Look up each course that you have selected. Add class registration number (CRN), days and time information to your registration worksheet. The CRN is the unique number for each class that is input during the registration process.
    • Courses can be found using the same abbreviations listed above (example: math = MATH, English = ENGL). Be sure you select courses that do not create a time conflict.
    • Days are listed as MTWRF, and R refers to Thursday. For example, if you see TR, this means the course is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
    • IMPORTANT Wait List information. 
    • When possible choose classes that have Open Seats.  You cannot put yourself on a waitlist for a class that you are registered for.

    Your registration worksheet should now be completed.

  • Step 8 -Advisor Hold

    Advisor Hold Transcript8
    • You will not be able to register until your adviser's hold has been removed. E-mail the list of courses you selected one of your academic advisers, Debbie Moos or Karen Gillespie. Once your schedule is approved, your adviser's hold will be removed and you can register for classes. Adviser holds are generally removed within 24 hours.
    • Each semester, students must meet with their academic adviser to review classes before the adviser's hold is removed. Once the hold is removed, you will be able to register at the appropriate time based on class standing.
  • Step 9 - You are now ready to register, Vandal Web login required.
    Detailed instructions can be found at Vandal Account Set-up. To log in you will need your Net ID. This was provided to you from the Admission's Office.
  • Step 10- Proceed with class registration
    After you are logged in, click Student Information/Registration Menu, Registration Menu, Add/Drop Classes, select correct term (Fall/Spring). You should be looking at the registration menu with slots to input the CRN numbers. Type in the CRN numbers and click Submit.
    • The screen will refresh, scroll down to look at entire screen. The system will display your registered classes. If a class has already met its enrollment limit, you will be given an option to add yourself to the wait list. You must click Submit again to be added to a wait list. The system will NOT automatically add you to a wait list.
    • After you have completed Step 10, go back to the Registration menu (you will still be logged in) and select Student Schedule by Day and Time. This will display your weekly schedule and also indicate if you have created any time conflicts in your schedule. If you have time conflicts, you will have to go back and select a different time/days for the appropriate class(es).
    • You have now completed the registration process. Please contact Debbie Moos at 208-885-5036 or Karen Gillespie at 208-885-6853 if you have any questions. Our toll free number is 800-960-3033.

    NOTE: Login will become automatically disabled after five attempts are entered incorrectly. Before you get locked out click Reset PIN.

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