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Webinar Series Recordings

Sleuthing for Lost Apples

Sleuthing for Lost Apples: Lessons from the Experts — David Benscoter, John Bunker, Richard Uhlmann and Kyle Nagy (moderator)

Heritage Apple Identification

Heritage Apple Identification Using Genetic Fingerprinting Methods — Gayle Volk, Cameron Peace (moderator)

Apple Identification with DNA

Apple Identification with DNA: Identity and Parentage Revelations using New Tools — Cameron Peace, John Bunker (moderator)

Apples and Their Uses

Apples and Their Uses — Past and Present — Steve Miller and Katrina Mendrey, Kyle Nagy (moderator)

Researching the History

Researching the History and People Behind the Apples — Dan Bussey, Dave Benscoter (moderator)

Community Led Efforts

Community Led Efforts to Conserve Orchard and Fruit of the West — Jude Schuenemeyer, Katrina Mendrey (moderator)

Restoration Pruning

Restoration Pruning — Casimir Holeski, Richard Uhlmann (moderator)

Intro to Grafting

Intro to Grafting: Bridging, Bud, and Whip and Tongue — Steve Miller, Katrina Mendrey, Laurie Thompson

Perennial Fruit Plants

Perennial Fruit Plants of the Northern Sierra Gold Rush Era Speaker — Adam Nuber, Kyle Nagy (moderator)


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