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Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences

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Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
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Jodi Johnson-Maynard

Jodi Johnson-Maynard

Office: Agricultural Science Building
Room 114

Phone: (208) 885-9245
Email: jmaynard@uidaho.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
Soil and Land Resources Division Chair and Professor

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Soil & Water Quality
  • Selected Publications
    • Lentz, R.D., G.A. Lehrsch, B. Brown, J. Johnson-Maynard, and A.B. Leytem. 2011. Dairy manure N availability in eroded and noneroded soil for sugarbeet followed by small grains. Agron. J. 103:628-643.
    • Snyder, A.J., J.L. Johnson-Maynard, and M.J. Morra. 2010. Nitrogen mineralization in soil incubated with 15N-labeled Brassicaceae seed meals. Applied Soil Ecology 46:73-80.
    • Umiker, K.J., J.L. Johnson-Maynard, T.D. Hatten, S.D. Eigenbrode, and N. A. Bosque Pérez. 2009. Soil carbon, nitrogen, pH, and earthworm density as influenced by cropping practices in the Inland Pacific Northwest. Soil and Tillage Res. 105:184-191.
    • Snyder, A.J., M.J. Morra, J.L. Johnson-Maynard and D.C. Thill. 2009. Seed meals from Brassicaceae oilseed crops as soil amendments: Influence on carrot growth, microbial biomass nitrogen, and nitrogen mineralization. HortSci. 44:354-361.
    • Donovan, S. M., C. Looney, T. Hanson, Y. Sánchez de León, J. Wulfhorst, S. D. Eigenbrode, M. Jennings, J. Johnson-Maynard, and N. A. Bosque Pérez. 2009. Reconciling social and biological needs in an endangered ecosystem: the Palouse as a model for bioregional planning. Ecology and Society 14(1):9 [online] URL: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol14/iss1/art9/
    • Sánchez-de León, Y. and J.L. Johnson-Maynard. 2009. Dominance of an invasive earthworm in native and non-native grassland ecosystems.  Biol Invasions 11:1393-1401.
    • McGregor, A.L., J.L. Johnson-Maynard, D.G. Strawn, B. Shafii and G. Möller. 2008. Plant uptake and leaching of selenium in manure- and gypsum-amended soils of the Western Phosphate Resource Area. Soil Sci. 173:613-623.
    • Hansson, D.,  M. Morra, V. Borek, A. Snyder, J. Johnson-Maynard, D. Thill. 2008. Ionic thiocyanate (SCN-) production, fate, and phytotoxicity in soil amended with brassicaceae seed meals. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 56:3912-3917.
    • Hanson, T., Y. Sanchez-de Leon, J.L. Johnson-Maynard, S. Brunsfield. 2008. The influence of soil and site characteristics on Palouse Prairie plant communities. Western North American Naturalist 68:231-240.
    • Johnson-Maynard, J.L., K.J. Umiker, and S.O. Guy. 2007. Earthworm populations and soil physical properties during the transition to no-till management. Soil and Tillage Res. 94:338-345.
  • Research Projects
    Soil and water quality in relation to management, biogeochemical cycling in forested and agricultural environments, and soil ecology
  • Awards and Honors
    • Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Advisor of the Year (2013)
    • Disability Support Services Outstanding Faculty Award (2012)
    • Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Advisor of the Year (2007)
    • Appointed to the Governor’s Carbon Sequestration Advisory Committee (2002)