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Jang Ho Kim

Jang Ho Kim

Assistant Professor, Food Safety Extension Specialist


Food Research Center



Mailing Address

School of Family and Consumer Sciences
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1052
Moscow, ID 83844-1052

Jang is an experienced food scientist. He provides evidence-based educational information related to value-added processing and consumer food safety on home food preservation, sanitation, food handling, food recalls and warnings.

Ph.D., Mississippi State University, 1999
M.S., Kyungsung University, Korea, 1990
B.S., Kyungsung University, Korea, 1988

  • Microbiological risk assessment of food product
  • Study of the effectiveness of various antimicrobial agents
  • Study of Biofilm problems of working surfaces in food industry
  • Development of various value-added food products using produce
  • Develop and maintain consumer food safety educational program
  • Collaboration with county faculty and statewide food safety topic team
  • Presentation of workshops, seminars and training short courses related to the consumer food safety

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Impact statements

  • Excellent Instructor Award. Department of Food and Biotechnology, Korea University, 2006. 
  • Member of Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society since 1999


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