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Agricultural Engineering Careers

The agricultural engineering program is designed to prepare graduates for employment as design or development engineers by equipment manufacturers, irrigation companies, trade associations, engineering consulting firms, and state and federal agencies.

  • Company engineers — Agricultural engineers often work in companies or organizations that produce, manufacture and distribute agricultural machinery, equipment and structures. These companies involve power and light, food processing, biotechnology and consulting.
  • Farm safety specialist — Most agricultural engineers work toward creating safer farming techniques to prevent emergencies and thousands of unnecessary deaths each year, such as loss of life in underdeveloped countries due to misuse of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Environmental advisers — When designing agricultural systems, such as a water irrigation system, agricultural engineers must take into account all natural resources and other environmental and political factors that will affect the land and operations of a new system.
  • Government service — Employees in the government may work in community education, applied research, national security or as consultants on the development of agricultural projects relating to the construction of specially designed buildings, machinery, irrigation/drainage and waste handling and energy conservation systems.


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