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John Hall, Superintendent for NMCREEC

John Hall, Ph.D.

Office: 16 Hot Springs Ranch Road, Carmen, ID 83462
Phone: 208-756-2749
Email: jbhall@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Hot Springs Ranch
16 Hot Springs Ranch Rd.
Carmen, ID 83462

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Superintendent of the Nancy M. Cummings Center

  • Biography
    I am located at the Nancy M. Cummings Research Extension and Education Center located in Carmen, ID; this 1,100 acre ranch is the University of Idaho’s primary cow/calf and forage research center. My appointment is 50% Research, 20% Extension, and 30% Administration. The focus of my program is to conduct applied research and education to enhance food production and sustainability of beef production operations, and contribute to the training of the next generation of scientists, agricultural leaders, and producers.

  • Selected Publications
    Book Chapters

              Wulfhorst, J. D., S. Kane, J. K. Ahola, J. B. Hall, and R. A. Hill. 2012. "Producer Awareness and Perceptions about Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle" In: Feed efficiency in beef cattle. R. A. Hill, editor. Chapter 3, pp 29-46

    Refereed Papers

    Kasimanickam, R., M. Asay, P. Firth, W.D. Whittier, J.B. Hall. 2012. Artificial insemination at 56 h after intravaginal progesterone device removal improved AI pregnancy rate in beef heifers synchronized with five-day CO-Synch controlled internal drug release (CIDR) protocol. Theriogenology 77: 1624–1631

    Welch, C. M.; J. K. Ahola, J. B. Hall, G. K. Murdoch, D. H. Crews, Jr., J. I. Szasz, L. C. Davis, M. E. Doumit, W. J. Price, L. D. Keenan, R. A. Hill. 2012. Relationships among performance, residual feed intake, and product quality of progeny from Red Angus sires divergent for maintenance energy EPD requirements. J. Anim. Sci.: jas.2012-5184; published ahead of print August 7, 2012, doi:10.2527/jas.2012-5184

    McGee, M., J. B. Hall, W. Small, W. J. Price and R .A. Hill. 2012. Optimizing Feed Efficiency, Growth and Marbling in Wagyu Cattle. Prof. Anim. Scientist -Accepted; In Press

    Refereed Extension Publications

    Hall, J. B. 2012. Sexed Semen: The Newest Reproductive Technology for the Beef Industry. Cattlemen's Library- Western Beef Resource Committee — CL 455

    Hall, J. B. and D. Gunn. 2012. Pregnancy Testing. Cattlemen's Library- Western Beef Resource Committee — CL 412 (revision)

    Johnson, S. K., R. N. Funston, J. B. Hall, G. C. Lamb, J. W. Lauderdale, D. J. Patterson, and G. A. Perry. 2012. Protocols for Synchronization of Estrus and Ovulation. Cattlemen's Library- Western Beef Resource Committee — CL 405

  • Research Projects

    Research and extension projects at the Nancy M. Cummings Center include pioneering studies on animal identification systems, genetic improvement, reproductive efficiency, forage production and grazing practices. Researchers are already making significant contributions and the center is already providing educational opportunities in the Salmon River Valley — Nancy Cummings' lifelong wish.

  • Outreach Projects
     Outreach and Extension
    As one of the leaders of the UI Beef Team, I develop and deliver programs on:
    • Beef Quality Assurance
    • Cow/Calf Management
    • Beef Cattle Reproduction
    • Cow Nutrition
    • Advanced Ranch Management
    • Idaho Beef Cattle Improvement Association Field Day
    • Beef Cow Winter Feeding Strategies Workshops (Co-Developed with B. Glaze)
    • Youth Cattle Working Contest Training Sessions for Leaders (Co-Developed with B. Glaze)
    • Extension Educator Webinar Ration Balancing Training