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Amin Ahmadzadeh

Amin Ahmadzadeh, Ph.D.

Office: Ag Sci 219
Phone: 208-885-7409
Email: amin@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Animal and Veterinary Science
875 Perimeter Dr. MS 2330
Moscow, ID 83844-2330

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

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  • Biography
    B.S. Dairy Science, Delaware Valley College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Doylestown, PA, 1992.
    M.S. Dairy Science (Animal Physiology), Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA, 1994.
    Ph.D. Animal Physiology, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA, 1998.
  • Selected Publications
    Book Chapter 1

    Stevenson, J.S. and A. Ahmadzadeh. Replacement Management-Cattle: Breeding standards and pregnancy maintenance. In Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences. H. Roginski [eds.]. 2010. Academic Press.

    Refereed Journals 

    A. Ahmadzadeh,  B. J. Purswell, and S. M. Boyle. 2014. Comparison of three methods for termination of pregnancy in cats using a dopamine agonist and prostaglandin F2α. Clinc. Theriogenology. 6:467.

    Domer, M. C., C. A. Beerman, A. Ahmadzadeh, N. Dasgupta, J. E. Williams, M. A. McGuire, and M. K. McGuire. 2014. Loss of body fat and associated decrease in leptin in early lactation are related to shorter duration of postpartum anovulation in healthy U.S. women. J. Human Lactation (Accepted).

    Lopes Jr., G. C.R. Johnson, L.G.D. Mendonça ,P.R.B. Silva, J.G.N. Moraes, A. Ahmadzadeh, J.C. Dalton, and R.C. Chebel. 2013. Evaluation of reproductive and economic outcomes of dairy heifers inseminated at induced estrus or at fixed time after a 5-day or 7-day progesterone insert-based ovulation synchronization protocol. J. Dairy Sci. 96:1612-1622. doi: 10.3168/jds.2012-5971.  

    Autran, C. A., B. Shafii, J. C. Dalton, K. G. Carnahan, M. A. McGuire, and A. Ahmadzadeh 1. 2013. Effect of prostaglandin F2α on growth of Staphylococcus aureus associated with bovine mastitis. J. Veterinar. Sci. Technol. 4: 129. doi: 10.4172 /2157-7579.1000129.

    Johnson, C. R. M. W. Ayers, A. Ahmadzadeh, B. Shafii, S. Etter, R. C. Chebel, and J. C. Dalton. 2012. Characterization of early postpartum estrous behavior and ovulation in lactating dairy cows using radiotelemetry. J. Dairy Sci.95:5085-5088

    Dalton J.C, L. Deragon, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, C.N. Lopes, R.F.G Peres, A. Ahmadzadeh. 2012. Fertility-associated antigen on Nelore bull sperm and reproductive outcomes following first-service fixed-time AI of Nelore cows and heifers. Theriogenology 77:389-394.

    Gunn, D., A. Ahmadzadeh1, and B. Glaze. 2011.Effect of Duration of Progesterone Releasing Device (CIDR) Treatment on Reproductive Performance in Beef Cows .Prof. Anim. Sci.27:147-151.

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    Stevenson, J. L., J. C. Dalton, J. E. P. Santos, R. Sartori, A. Ahmadzadeh, and R. C. Chebel. 2008. Effect of Synchronization Protocols on Follicular Development and Estradiol and Progesterone Concentrations of Dairy Heifers. J. Dairy Sci. 91: 3045-3056.

    *Howard, J. M., R. Manzo, F. Frago, D. G. Falk, J. B. Glaze, Jr, J. C. Dalton, and A. Ahmadzadeh1. 2007. Estradiol cypionate did not affect pregnancy rates of beef cattle synchronized with a modified timed artificial insemination protocol. Prof. Anim. Sci.23:509-512.

    Ahmadzadeh, A1., R. Manzo, C. B. Sellars, and J. C. Dalton. 2007. The efficacy of a reduced dose of gonadotropin releasing hormone on the incidence and time of ovulation in Holstein cows. J. Anim. Vet. Adv.6:1328-133.

    *Howard, J. M., R. Manzo, F. Frago, D. G. Falk, J. B. Glaze, Jr, J. C. Dalton, and A. Ahmadzadeh1. 2007. Estradiol cypionate did not affect pregnancy rates of beef cattle synchronized with a modified timed artificial insemination protocol. Prof. Anim. Sci.23:509-512.

    *Frago, F, R. Manzo, J. C. Dalton, M. A. McGuire, and A. Ahmadzadeh1. 2007. Naloxone increases serum calcium concentrations after parturition in multiparous Holstein cattle. Prof. Anim. Sci. 23:70-74.

    Peer-reviewed Proceeding 

    Ahmadzadeh, A. 2013. Interaction between Dietary Protein & Fertility, and Metabolic Disease & Mastitis in Dairy Cows and Reproduction. 2013 In Proc Bucknell (Renaissance) Nutrition Conference, Lewisburg, PA, Pg 215

    Spencer, J. A., A. Ahmadzadeh, K. Steinkamp. 2013. Effect of Aspirin on Prostaglandin Metabolites and Progesterone Concentrations in Lactating Dairy Cows. In Proc. 17th Roy Wallace Memorial Symposium on Bovine Reproduction. Columbus, OH. October 2013.

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    Hall, J. B., A. Ahmadzadeh, R. H. Stokes, J. K. Ahola, C. Stephenson, J. J. England, and J. B. Glaze, Jr. 2009. Effect of targeted use of a controlled internal drug releasing device (CIDR) in an estrous synchronization system for postpartum beef cows. In: Proc. Western Section of American Society of Animal Science. 60:257.
  • Research Projects
    Reproductive efficiency is an important contributor to dairy farm profitability. Unfortunately, the reproductive performance of dairy cattle has declined steadily over the last few decades, as evidenced by decreased estrous detection rates, decreased conception rates, and increased number of services per conception. In my research program I emphasize applied research that has a direct impact on reproductive efficiency and management of dairy cows. My research is in the area of applied cattle reproduction with an emphasis on fertility, and management.

    The focus of my research is to develop a systematic breeding program for dairy cattle to increase fertility rates and improve reproductive and economic advantages of artificial insemination (AI) on dairy farms. Using exogenous reproductive hormones (gonadotropin-releasing hormone, prostaglandin F2a,, estradiol-17b, progesterone), we attempt to develop new systematic breeding program (or improve upon the existing breeding program) to provide an organized and efficient approach to administering artificial insemination and improving reproductive efficiency in cattle through increasing heat detection efficiency and enhancing conception rate.

    Other areas of research include:
    • Examining the role of environment, management, and diseases on cattle reproduction
    • Interaction between nutrition and reproduction
    • Enhancing conception rate by reducing early embryonic loss
    In continuing our research efforts on reproductive efficiency and management, I extensively collaborate with University of Idaho dairy extension specialists, Dr. Joe Dalton and reproductive physiologist Dr. Tracy Davis. Our research program is based on applied research addressing the existing issues on farms and those that have direct implications on practical reproductive management.

  • Outreach Projects
    • Participation of UI students in Western Dairy Challenge student completion (10 students; Fresno, CA, March 2012). 
    • Officiated at the annual State FFA Career Development State Contest June 2012.
    • Officiated at the annual State FFA/4-H dairy judging contest at Ag Days, October 201

  • Awards and Honors
    Recipient of Purina Animal Nutrition Teaching Award in Dairy Production. American Dairy Science Association (ADSA), July 2014

    Alumni Award for Excellence in Mentorship, University of Idaho, 2014

    Outstanding Teaching Award, American Dairy Scientists Association, 2014

    UI Dairy Club, Outstanding Chapter for the Western American Dairy Scientists Association, 2013

    Outstanding Academic Advisor Award, Western Regional American Dairy Science Association Student Affiliate Division (ADSA-SAD), 2012

    National Teacher Fellow Award, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA). 2012

    Faculty Excellence Award, University of Idaho and Washington State University Naval ROTC., 2011

    Western Section of American Society of Animal Science Distinguished Teacher Award, 2010

    Regional USDA Food and Agriculture Sciences Excellence in Teaching Awards, National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC), 2007

    Outstanding Academic Advisor CALS, University of Idaho, 2007

    University Teaching Excellence Award, University of Idaho, 2006

    R. M. Wade Teaching Excellence Award, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. University of Idaho, 2004