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Gaming, Simulation & Visualization (VTD) 

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Samuel Miller

Samuel Miller

Office: AAN 115a
Email: smiller@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Virtual Technology & Design program, University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive 2491
Moscow, ID 83844-2491

College of Art & Architecture
Gaming, Simulation & Visualization (VTD)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Foundational Technology Coordinator

  • Biography

    Starting Out

    Sam started with a traditional art background and added to his bag of tools whenever he could. If you asked Sam how he began drawing he would tell you about his two creative parents. His mother, who enjoyed painting and his father, who built H.O. scale steam locomotives.

    Teaching Philosophy 

    Digital creative tools evolve relentlessly. Every day some new software is being developed creating so many amazing opportunities for Design. With that in mind it is most important to me that students are guided to be fearless with the current and emerging tools of technology. Understanding how the tools work at the fundamental level will allow students to adapt and confidently use whichever tool they may need to solve a design problem.

    The experiences that students have in the classroom as well as online is crucial. Creating a collaborative communicative environment where a student will find something new and then without hesitation share that new insight with the class is a powerful thing to witness as a teacher. This will nurture a student to work well in groups and amplify that student to be creative designer that can quickly communicate and work well in a team.  

    Students that grow fearless of new software and new tools while getting the opportunity to explore and refine important communication skills can grow to be intelligent vocal and confident creative designers. This Experience and success is what I hold precious and what I am most proud.  With that understanding I find creative and unique ways to bring the classroom into online distance education.

  • Research Projects

    Teaching design and technology tools for production, and implementation of digital simulation or digital gaming experiences as well as introduced and assisted in the integration of new and emerging technologies into the curriculum facilitating technology courses and design studio experiences in the process of blending integrated design thinking with emerging technologies to communicate solutions and solve design problems.   

    The art of reducing a high-resolution modeling to an efficient textured low-resolution game asset. Strong aptitude for troubleshooting 3d animation and rigging for a wide range of digital outputs for creation, designing, and production of interactive virtual worlds for use in entertainment and non-entertainment solutions. Infusing storytelling into all design aspects of the digital production process

    High level of technological proficiency Introducing and assisting in the integration of new and emerging technologies into the curriculum for the production of static, linear, and interactive rendering. (digital modeling, lighting, materials, animation and rigging for  digital sets and characters)

    Experience in online delivery of higher education learning technology courses and Created innovative ways of connecting with perspective students working directly with community and local area high schools to develop short-range and long-range technology and design workshops that help students improve their academic preparation and college readiness while supporting and promote the school’s enrollment targets.