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Virtual Technology & Design

From entertainment to education, virtual technology is rapidly transforming the way people live and work around the globe. You can prepare for a career in this ever-evolving field and help pioneer the next generation of this important technology with a Bachelor of Science in Virtual Technology and Design from the University of Idaho. The challenging program provides you with a distinctive skill set and an industry-driven education that integrates technology with the art and science of design.

As a student of virtual technology and design, you will learn to combine design with the latest virtual technologies to build the next generation of entertainment, educational and business applications that promise to change the way people throughout the world live. You will study 3D modeling, animation, world building, storytelling, character design, spatial design and design in at least four dimensions (x,y, z, and time).

The program draws from many disciplines, including virtual design, spatial design, art, computer science, humanities and social sciences. Design studios and community outreach activities provide excellent opportunities for you to collaborate with other students and professionals to address real design issues. You will graduate with valuable practical experience and an established portfolio of your personal design work.