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Riley Helal

My artwork sprouts from the hidden six-year-old running around inside my brain, perpetually hopped-up on apple juice and sunlight. My goals are simple—I want to make everyone, myself included, smile. I want to rekindle the childhood joy I remember feeling before growing up happened and my rose-colored glasses were replaced with prescription lenses that revealed the world a little too clearly. By crafting monsters of all kinds, from sleeping stone giants to the smallest of forest folk, I hope to recapture the magic and mystery that sent me hunting for fairies in my backyard all those years ago and hold those memories of wonder up for everyone to see. In the end, all I hope for is that you’ll look at my art, see a monster wearing a sock on their horn or a child glimpsing the mayhem inside of a fallen log, and smile.

Art & Design

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875 Perimeter Drive MS 2471
Moscow, ID

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