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Griffin Moss


Surveillance in some form or another is something we are all familiar with. What was once seen as an exaggerated, ‘Big Brother’ style future, has been creeping into our society as we slouch towards a modern dystopia. Tech giants find better ways of gathering valuable information every day and governments have used the current COVID-19 crisis to increase surveillance efforts around the planet. This has made me wonder when or if increasing mass surveillance will ever end. How long will it take for us to transition into a world without privacy?

To shine some light on this growing issue, I have built a world seen only through the lens of four CCTV cameras. Each one shows some of the many ways our data is collected even in this lonely, quarantined world. Like much of my work, the color pallet is inspired by late 80’s and 90’s animation along with a lower resolution that connects it to surveillance of the past. This acts as a subtle reminder of how much surveillance has increased in only a few decades. I hope that through this unique perspective I can remind people that our privacy is important, and that it’s something worth fighting for.


Griffin Moss - Digital Illustration + Animation - 2020 - 1920 x 1440

Art & Design

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