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Cadence Moffitt

For my senior studio project, I created these animated moments from the Old Testament focus on Biblical narratives. Each weave together subtle sounds and movements, as they are meant to be moments of stillness and meditation. The posters that accompany them emphasize the larger divine force at work in each story.

As a Christian, the stories of these characters bring me comfort and remind me of God’s love. Daniel, David, Noah, Esther, Gideon, inspire me with their acts of faith and interactions with God. Though they likely felt alone at times, they trusted that God was with them in every circumstance, whether they were surrounded by sheep or surrounded by lions. They could feel Him in a gentle breeze, a luminous rainbow and the movements of the heavenly bodies. Creation shows the Creator's presence more than anything to me. Like many people, I can feel that no one sees me or that I am alone, but when I feel the warm sun on my face or gaze at the stars above, I know God is there. I believe everyone, despite their spiritual perspective, can experience the natural world and recognize a power beyond human control or comprehension. I want this work to allow people to slow down, find peace, and to appreciate the many beautiful things of the world.

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