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In the Media

Just a Flip of a Fin
Just a flip of an animated fin in "Nemo" can take days to create, Justin Horne said. "That's why Pixar (studios) are so massive," said the University of Idaho Virtual Technology and Design junior. But Horne was able to demonstrate animated movement with just a small team of VTD students -- and a laptop -- as part of “Wow is this real?,” a Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival workshop Friday.
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Energy retrofits catch on in the Treasure Valley
The Riverside Hotel in Boise recently upgraded its lighting using LEDs, cutting its power costs through energy savings. Projected LED lighting enhances the stages and festive atmosphere during a New Year's Eve performance by Boise's Fabulous Chancellors.
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Riverside Hotel focuses its renovations on energy savings
In an effort to determine why his electric and gas bills were so high for the 303-room Riverside, Johnson started working with Idaho Power, the University of Idaho’s Integrated Design Lab and Boise-based Site Based Energy. IDL provides research, education, technical and analytical services to companies that need help lowering their energy costs through new construction or retrofitting existing buildings. And the lab works with Idaho Power to help the utility’s customers reduce their energy use. Site Based Energy is a consulting firm that works with property owners and businesses to reduce energy consumption.
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Came a Tribe from the North
The Tradition of Vandal Architects in Sun Valley
Over a century ago, under the gloomy skies and rolling wheat fields of the northern Idaho Palouse, the state’s first and oldest university was built. In a style reminiscent of leafy East Coast campuses, architects laid sweeping lawns, brick-and-mortar clock towers, busting Gothic structures and stained-glass windows flanked in limestone. With a style that visually referenced tradition and time, they created a pastoral genius loci, or “sense of place,” that would shape the state, and its namesake college, for years to come. Download a PDF version of the full article
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High School Students' Future by Design
Even during her childhood, it became obvious what kind of career 17-year-old Lindsey Hineman wanted to pursue. "When I was little, I would draw floor plans of our house," the aspiring architectural designer said.
Hineman, a Snohomish, Wash., native, is now on the University of Idaho campus sharpening her design skills during Summer Design Week, a six-day interdisciplinary program organized by the UI College of Art and Architecture. The program, which began Monday, invites high school students like Hineman to get a taste of what it's like to study architecture and other related fields at the university level.
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