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2+2: Sculpture+Photography

2+2: Sculpture+Photography

2+2 is a simple mathematical equation. Sculpture + photography is a bit more complicated. In this exhibit, it is not about interdisciplinary approaches that blend the two, though there are moments. Here the relationships can be seen on larger thematic scales. Each artist’s work is informed by engaging with elements of the natural world. Each uses their artistic practice to participate in ways that are subtle, humorous, direct, empathetic, and enthralling.

Crystal McBrayer photographs the “presents” her dogs bring home. Kristin LeVier takes inspiration from visions through a microscope. Laurie Blakeslee follows the, not so simple, patterns of tending a garden. Theresa Henson carves and chisels downed trees celebrating their natural patterns while bringing out other references.

Where these concerns interact, overlap or inform one another is where the simple math of 2+2 transforms into the complexity of different mediums engaged in dialogue.

Though not part of the curatorial premise, in part the success of the exhibit can be attributed to the fact that all the artists are women. And they all live in Idaho.

Roger H.D. Rowley, Director

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