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College of Art and Architecture
University of Idaho
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Urban Design Center

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Urban Design Center
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Diane Armpriest
Diane Armpriest
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Architectural materials and construction methods; Integration and expression of building technology in architectural form; Architectural design; Resource-efficient design and construction; Relationship between building systems and the natural systems and processes of the site
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Assistant Professor Matthew Brehm
Matthew Brehm
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Design communication; Design process; Architectural history; Architectural education; Drawing and painting technique; Sacred architecture; Landscape design
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Dwaine Carver
Dwaine Carver
Focus Areas: Design, arts planning, and public art specializing in the integration of art and design
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Bruce Haglund
Bruce Haglund
Research Areas: Environmental technologies (heating, cooling, lighting, acoustics, water use); Passive solar heating and cooling; Natural lighting; Architectural design; Green architecture; Computer applications; Historic preservation; Vernacular architecture; Small town revitalization; Sustainable urban design issues; English green architecture
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Xiao Hu
Xiao Hu
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Urban and community design; Cultural, social and political representations of architecture; Spatial identity; non-Western architectural philosophies and history; Sustainable design; Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural learning
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Anne Marshall
Anne L Marshall, PhD
Research Areas: Indigenous architecture and landscapes in North America; Architectural history; Social and cultural dimensions of global architecture and urban space; Architectural design; Urban and community design and regeneration
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Wendy McClure
Wendy McClure
Professor Emeritus, Chair Emeritus
Wendy McClure was the first woman architecture faculty member to be tenured and promoted and the first woman to serve as chair of the Department of Architecture at the University of Idaho.
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Phillip Mead
Phillip G. Mead
Associate Professor; Architecture Associate Program Coordinator
Research Areas: Health and design issues: light, air and view impacts on wellness and emotion, environmental systems, building components, and site impacts on wellness; History and theory; Design's impact on the imagination and emotions; Beginning design pedagogy
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Roman Montoto
Román Montoto
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Design; Design Theory and Process; Graphic Communication; Digital Technologies and Cross-disciplinary Exploration for Spatial Discovery including Time-based Imagery
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Kasama Polakit
Kasama Polakit, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Focus Areas: Architecture and Urban Design research-design methods; Design-led intervention for sustainable urban futures; Social and cultural aspects of the built environment; Urban character & place-making; Reinterpretation of the Vernacular; Informal Urbanism; Transnational Urbanism; South East Asian architecture and urbanism.
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Randall Teal
Randall Teal
Associate Professor; Chair Architecture Program
Research Areas: Design pedagogy and theory with particular focus on perception, emotion, process and place.
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Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, PhD
Associate Professor; Director - Integrated Design Lab, Boise
Research Areas: Daylighting and simulation techniques for integrated design; Daylight and energy
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