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Architecture Program

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College of Art and Architecture
University of Idaho
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Urban Design Center

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Urban Design Center
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Students discuss architecture projects

The Learning Culture

The Department of Architecture and Interior Design programs at the University of Idaho celebrates design excellence centered in the poetic merging of art and architecture. This focus is enhanced by the faculty’s commitment to, and emerging leadership in, the trans-disciplinary pursuit of creative solutions to pressing contextual challenges found in a multi-dimensional built environment. We value sustainability, social and cultural responsibility in design, and a collaborative, integrative working and creative learning environment. We envision regenerative and inclusive environments that inspire, support, and sustain all users.

Student Generated Learning Culture Policy

  • Idaho is Passionate about Design and We Strive for Excellence
    • We are passionate about designing environments that elevate and celebrate the human spirit.
    • We recognize and respect student and faculty accomplishments of excellence.
    • We constructively challenge one another in pursuit of excellence.
    • We believe in regenerative design that results in the improvement of the quality of life for present and future generations.
    • We value teaching and learning that prepares us for disciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans- disciplinary lifelong learning.
  • Idaho Students, Faculty and Staff are Civil and Respectful
    • We respect the opinions and beliefs of others and expect that personal interactions will contribute a positive working and learning environment.
    • We value challenging, civil dialog in the discussion of ideas, processes and outcomes.
    • We respect the need for clear and fair expectations for objectives and performance in studio, classroom and administrative tasks.
    • We value a healthy distribution of time needed for studio projects, classroom assignments, administrative tasks and personal lives.
    • We understand the importance of acting respectfully when representing ourselves within the department in studio settings and outside the department on field trips, client meetings, and other on and off campus activities.
  • Idaho Engages with Others in Pursuit of Solutions
    • We find opportunities to work with others within and across disciplines to solve complex design problems.
    • We engage with communities, agencies in a collaborative and open environment, moving
    • beyond professional competence to become better leaders and citizens.
    • We engage in learning that is designed to consider aesthetic, regenerative, social and cultural implications for current and future clients, constituents and other users.
  • Idaho Innovates
    • We encourage excellence through continual improvement and the freedom to take risks.
    • We encourage alternative teaching and learning modes.
    • We recognize that process is often as important as end product.