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Dear Friends,

Since the College of Art and Architecture was re-established as an independent college in 2006, we have been riding a wave of momentum that is incredibly exciting and shows no signs of abating. We have experienced more than 30 percent growth in our enrollment, and we have added a sixth year to the master of architecture degree so that it conforms to comparable programs in the nation. Our works of art are exhibited nationally and internationally. We collaborate with other colleges within the University, as well as local governments and the private sector, as we lead the state in outreach programs to benefit our local communities. We draw upon our individual strengths and use our collective brainpower to come up with ideas that can be implemented and that have relevance. Let me explain:

Interdisciplinary Vision
Our vision is to lead the state and the nation in producing interdisciplinary design that helps solve the complex challenges of 21st-century society. And we are living up to that challenge! Academia is changing rapidly – it is much more entrepreneurial than it used to be. What makes us unique is our ability to bridge the traditional gap between the University and the private sector. For example, our work in Cascade, Idaho, is wonderful proof of the “new college.” Years after the old timber mill shut down, we are helping that community build a new economic vision through interdisciplinary design and collaboration. Our students looked at the deserted mill site on the banks of the Payette River and asked, “What could happen here?” As a result, the town of Cascade now has a pathway to a viable future. Future projects in Cascade will involve transportation planning, the health disciplines, business and other branches of learning at the University.

This is college experience that is relevant to the real world. It is why what we do at the College of Art and Architecture matters.

Bundled Curricula
As a college, we are committed to immersing our students in the integration of art and design. We believe that the skills and knowledge they acquire through working across disciplines will help them meet the challenges of the real world and thrive professionally. To help them achieve that goal, we’ve instituted the “bundled curricula,” a progressive learning model that emphasizes the integrated nature of the design disciplines and the visual arts.

Outreach to Idaho
As a land-grant university, our mission is to serve the people of Idaho. We achieve this by ensuring that our projects and programs are relevant to the needs of both the small towns and the urban areas where we live. We are deeply committed to the design process as a means to finding solutions. If we are going to fund education adequately in this state, then people must know that what we do is relevant.

We invite you to join us in our commitment and our vision.

Warm regards,

Mark Elison Hoversten, FASLA, AICP
Dean, College of Art and Architecture

Mark Hoversten

Dean, College of Art and Architecture More


Making a difference through art and design.