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FAQ and Helpful Tips

The following steps clarify how the client is involved in the process, along with the order in which the process transpires.

  • Identify the project’s purpose and key audience(s).
  • Determine the main message or theme of video.
  • Determine where, how and by whom the video will be promoted and distributed.
  • Identify the primary stakeholder.
  • Clarify who is developing the script.
  • Identify who will contact and prep those featured in the video.
  • Determine how long the video will be.
  • Designate who will see the proof at the first, second and final stages.
  • Attend project meeting.
  • Allow time for video production team to draft a script and complete a shot list.
  • Allow time for video production team to complete shooting.
  • Identify if any outside footage or assets are needed.
    • After effects graphics
    • Still photos
    • Music
    • Voice overs
  • Approve first draft.
  • Allow time for editing.
  • Approve second draft.
  • Allow time for editing.
  • Approve final proof. 

It depends on the project and the assets needed for the project. Some videos can be completed in a few days, while others may require planning and asset gathering throughout the year before editing begins. It's best to contact the Video Production Center to determine a more accurate timeline based on your needs.

Yes. To determine how our archive can serve you, contact the video production team (at 208-885-0569 or and arrange to speak with a member of our Video Production team.

We will search our archives and select clips for your project (research fee $70 per hr), which can be window-dubbed to digital format and sent directly to you for review. You can then choose the shots you want and send us a log list specifying reel numbers and time code ins and outs. You will also need to complete an Archival Footage Agreement and send it to us with payment and a shot list before we proceed.

Then we create a digital video clip of your selection(s) and ship or file transfer it directly to you.

Payment can be made by budget number, check or money order, made payable to U of I Video Production Center.

The following fees apply:

  • Usage rates: $10 per sec, with a 10-second minimum
  • Any footage purchased beyond 60 seconds: $7.50 per second
  • Research fee: $70 per hr
  • Shipping charges (if applicable)

Video Production Center

Physical Address:

Video Production Center
Bruce M. Pitman Center, Room 030
709 Deakin St.
Moscow, ID  83844-4246

Phone: 208-885-0569