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Logo Requests

We are able to create a logo if it falls under one of the brand logo guideline five tiers. Review the tiers below and determine if your request falls under one of them. If it does, let us know via the form below and we will create your logo.

5 Tiers

  1. Main University
  2. Extension
  3. Centers
  4. Colleges and Departments
  5. Unique*

*Unique logos or graphics for specific academic programs, colleges or university-affiliated entities are not permitted under University brand guidelines. Exceptions exist based on the following criteria:

  • The entity has a direct affiliation with a national/international organization. (e.g., 4H)
  • There is a retail, external revenue source for funding for the organization. (e.g., VandalStore, golf course)
  • The source of the majority of funding for the organization is from outside the University of Idaho. (e.g., NIATT)
  • The organization is a separate 501.C3 organization
  • The graphic is associated with a signature event of the University. (e.g., Jazz Festival, Bellwood, McClure)
  • The entity is an officially-recognized ASUI student club or organization.

Creative Services

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