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Mission Statement


The goal of the Vandal Boosters, Inc., through its membership program known as the Vandal Scholarship Fund, is to fund all of the student-athlete scholarships awarded by the Department of Athletics at the University of Idaho.

The University of Idaho Department of Athletics is committed to enhancing the visibility and image of the University by

      • Developing and maintaining competitive integrity based athletic programs
      • Uniting students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community
      • Educating and graduating student-athletes 


1. Increase development and corporate sponsorship opportunities. Establish a national image for the University of Idaho through increased marketing efforts.

 2. Improve internal and external relationships. Strengthen our internal and external relationships through timely meetings, increased communications and by exhibiting high standards of personal conduct at all times.

3. Attain financial stability. Maintain and expand current revenue sources, increase membership and funding support for the Vandal Scholarship Fund and establish an athletic reserve fund.

4. Recruit, retain, recognize and reward coaches, staff, and student-athletes. Identify and offer rewards and recognition for all student-athletes, coaches and staff.

5. Continuing improving facilities. Complete the remaining Vandal Athletic Center projects; develop feasibility plans for upgrades, improvement and expansion of existing structures.

6. Recruit and prepare student- athletes for successful competition athletically and academically. Contend for Western Athletic Conference championships and graduate student-athletes at a rate above national averages.

7. Improve support services. Inventory and evaluate support services for efficiency and effectiveness.

8. Engage the campus and community. Improve and expand our community and campus outreach activities.

9. Promote diversity and gender equity. Enhance the diversity within the athletic department and focus on gender equity.