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Grant Guidelines

Approved Unanimously:  May 13, 2011

The purpose of this document is to outline the procedure for requesting grants from the University of Idaho Alumni Association (UIAA).

It is the desire of the UIAA to help fund worthwhile projects while creating partnerships with other University stakeholders.

  • Positive projects and public service for students and Alumni
  • Positive media/press crediting UIAA for financial support in part for project
  • Project becomes a potential reconnection or participation opportunity for alumni, faculty/staff and/or students
  • Project can support and encourage service learning opportunities


The requesting group must be a University of Idaho student-based group or an alumni group that directly benefits current UI students, alumni or student/alumni groups.
  • UI Student-led groups that assist students
  • Student-led groups that assist alumni
  • UI Student-led groups that assist their community
  • Alumni groups or community projects supporting alumni projects or alumni events
  • UI Faculty groups or projects supporting alumni projects and or alumni/student events
  • Community groups or projects supporting student or alumni projects or alumni projects and events

  • For Fall Semester—applications must be submitted NO LATER than September 15—payment prior to November 15.
  • For Spring and Summer Semesters—applications must be submitted NO LATER than December 15—payment prior to March 1.
  • No past events or retroactive event funding requests will be considered for funding.

All requests must be submitted using the request form obtained from the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR) or by downloading the form from the UIAA website, and a supplement letter will be encouraged.
Requests for funds to subsidize a past event will not be allowed.
The application form will provide specifics and details for obtaining the following information:
  • The date of the applicant’s last request, if any
  • How the request benefits students on campus or alumni at on-campus or off-campus locales
  • Identify other means for obtaining funds (i.e. fund raisers, requests from public and private donors, individual contributors, etc.)  
  • It should be understood by the requesting group that, if approved, it is expected the UIAA be recognized as a donor in all promotional materials.
  • The date of the event with a solid timeline, documentation of specific details and evidence of financial record keeping

A Grants Review Committee will be appointed by the UIAA Board of Directors President annually.  The Committee will be chaired by the EC Director at Large.  The Committee will be made up of no more than five current directors each having one vote including the Chair. Only one EC member (Chair) shall be eligible for service on the Committee.

The Committee will review applications, prioritize and score using a scoring template, propose the amount of funding and present to the remaining board including.

The Committee will consider groups completing multiple applications in one year and providing multiple smaller grants to several groups rather than fewer large grants.

Final selection and funding levels will be by majority vote of all UIAA directors.

If a special request for a grant does not meet the timing or eligibility requirements outlined in this policy, the Grants Review Committee and the Executive Board of the UIAA may approve funds not to exceed $1000 per request.  A majority vote is required, and voting is allowed by email.  The Committee chair will coordinate the request and conduct the vote.  This process should be used only for special or exceptional circumstances. Funding approval will reduce the yearly available grant funds.  Applications must be completed by the requester and submitted to the OAR for review by Grants Review Committee and the Executive Board.