Alumni Offices

Moscow Office

University of Idaho Alumni Office - Moscow
Physical location:
1212 Blake Ave.
Mailing Address:
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3232
Moscow, ID 83844-3232
(208) 885-6154
(208) 885-6975 (fax)

Boise Office

University of Idaho Alumni Office - Boise
322 E. Front Street, Suite 390
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 364-4030
(208) 364-4084 (fax)

Alumni Chapter Criteria

To be recognized as an “Alumni Chapter,” the local community should:

  • Have a population of 1,000 alumni to draw upon in the immediate (50 mile radius) area.
  • Identify a chapter leader. A Leadership Committee of people will also be identified to assist with events and services for the area. Some of those individuals should be younger alumni. It is suggested to organize a structure that shall include an:
  • Event Coordinator, and
  • Secretary/Treasurer. (Local needs will determine actual committee scope and makeup.)
The Leadership Committee of the chapter should:
  • Meet six times a year to work on chapter tasks, programs or events.
  • Conduct 2-3 alumni events a year. Major events will be planned and budgeted for in the annual alumni event planning process by the Alumni Office staff.
  • Conduct at least one young alumni event annually in cooperation with Alumni Office staff.
  • Attempt to provide a minimum of two service projects to the University of Idaho, if possible. These might include student recruitment, mentoring, advocacy, etc.
  • Cooperate with Alumni Office staff with arranging local venue coordination and event details.
  • Submit to Alumni Office a completed evaluation survey following any activity or event.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Alumni Office outlining chapter operations and identified responsibilities.
  • Complete a year end chapter activity summary and future forecast of chapter events, programs and funding needs.

As a recognized “Alumni Chapter,” the University of Idaho Alumni Relations Office will:

  • Provide assistance with event or program design and format.
  • Provide staff assistance and participation with chapter organization and event preparations, including local visits and committee/volunteer interaction.
  • Coordinate on-site staff attendance and assistance for major events.
  • Coordinate a University representative at major events.
  • Develop financial funding for major events.
  • Coordinate a promotion and publicity plan to announce and promote the event.
  • Provide assistance with event production, advance registration and program content.
  • Assist with providing University of Idaho decorations or theme materials including banners, posters, name tags and registration materials.
  • Coordinate and oversee local logistics and administrative tasks including event contracts, advance registration process, insurance details, vendor payments and financial elements of event or program.
  • Provide to local Leadership Committee a summary of evaluation comments following an event, program or activity.
  • Provide a staff member that will participate, consult and serve as a resource with chapter leaders throughout the year.
  • Attend work sessions with chapter leadership when practical and as needed.