Contact Information

Kibbie Dome

Physical Address
1000 Stadium Drive
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

(208) 885-6394

Assistant Manager
Kelly McGahan
(208) 885-5000

Joe Hunt
(208) 885-9262

Audio and Video Capability

Audio and Video Capability

The Kibbie Dome has an extensive variety of A/V resources available to event promoters. The Kibbie Dome staff can also assist promoters in securing resources that are not available in our inventory.

Audio Resources

Front of House: 2 AVID VENUE SC48 consoles 1 Soundcraft Series FIVE analog console The football system is driven by 36 JBL Architecture speakers powered by Crown Amplifiers and BSS London processing. The system can be supplemented with up to 16 JBL Architecture subwoofer cabinets. 6 Meyer UPM-1P speakers are available for front fill and stage fill applications. 16 JBL SR4726 monitor wedges and 4 EAW MicroWedge monitor speakers are available. JBL SR4700 series 4-way ground stack audio system is available in 4 or 8 cabinet configurations driven by QSC amplifiers and BSS OmniDrive processing. The JBL Architecture Series can be rigged in “clusters”. Common configurations are 3 x 3, 3 x 3 x 3, and 4 x 4 clusters. These clusters are powered by JBL MPA series amplifiers and BSS OmniDrive processing. There are also four riggable JBL cabinets available for the theatre and basketball configurations. Two portable JBL 4722 PA systems are available for off and on site rental. We have an extensive library of AKG, Shure, Sennheiser and ElectroVoice microphones on site.

Video Resources

Daktronics ProStar 10’ x 20’ LED Video Board on east wall. 2 11x14’ rear project video screens NEC 4k LCD Projector Extensive fiber optic network: 72 strands of single mode ST fiber throughout the facility, 12 strands of SMPTE fiber throughout as well. 15 SDI fiber transmitters and 15 receivers are available. 4 HDMI to SDI transmitters 4 SDI to HDMI receivers 1 Analog to fiber transmitter and receiver set. 2 Composite to SDI converters One Sony Standard definition remote controlled camera mounted to center hang scoreboard. 2 23 inch Samsung 720p LCD TV’s 2 37 inch Samsung 720p LCD TV’s 4 facility controlled cable channels – standard or high definition capable TV Production truck parking inside for 1 truck. 100 amp 3 phase at truck dock. Satellite parking outside. 100 amp 3 phase available outside. Video Contractors available for all events.