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University of Idaho Foundation


The CIT utilizes a market-value-share method of operation (similar to a mutual fund).
  • Individual endowments pool their cash for investment purposes only.
  • Each endowment receives CIT unit participation shares when it transfers cash to the CIT.
  • Gifts for endowments are subject to a 5% gift assessment levied by the University of Idaho Foundation, Inc.
  • All endowments are subject to investment management fees.  For FY 2015 distributions, that amount is 95 basis points (.95%).
  • The fair market value of a CIT unit participation share is determined monthly. 
  • During the period July 1, 1959 through June 30, 2014, the CIT has grown from 25 individual endowments owning unit participation shares with a market value of $441,460 to 1,414 endowments owning shares with a market value of $239.6 million.
Realized investment income (i.e., interest and dividends) and realized capital gains or losses from the sale of securities are accumulated until the end of each fiscal year and then are distributed in accordance with the terms of an endowment agreement that exists for each endowment.
  • The calculation of the CIT's realized income and capital gains/losses is made on a per share (CIT unit participation share), pro-rata basis.
  • Any earnings not distributed to the beneficiary scholarship or program are returned to the principal of each endowment and reinvested.
  • Since July 1, 1959, the CIT has distributed over $145 million to the University of Idaho scholarships, programs and life income beneficiaries.
Independent public accountants (Eide Bailly LLP) are retained to audit the CIT and render an opinion regarding compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and the fairness of the financial statements presented to reflect the CIT's financial position each year.

Cambridge Associates LLC , an independent investment fund evaluation firm, is retained to compute and evaluate the CIT's investment performance.