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University of Idaho Foundation

Distribution Policy

  • The CIT historically distributed the actual realized income (dividends and interest earned) and reinvested all realized capital gains as endowment principal.
  • As of fiscal year 2014, the Foundation distributes earnings that include capital gains on all its endowments given Bill 1314.  This legislation modifies section 33-5004 of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act to assist charities to prudently manage endowment funds through the interpretation of language in gift instruments (endowment agreements) related to preserving and spending endowment earnings.
  • For FY15 distribution, the Board of Directors approved the rate at 4.5% of the prior three year rolling average fair market value of the invested fund balance, which will be distributed to beneficiary colleges and departments.
  • All endowments are subject to investment management fees.  For FY15 distributions, that amount is 100 basis points (1%).
  • For FY15, gifts for endowments are subject to a 5% gift assessment.