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Scholarship Monthly Process

Annual Contribution Scholarship Gifts

  • Gift Administration processes scholarship gifts similar to all other gifts when received
  • The designations for scholarships are most often a generic “Department X Scholarships” or “ College of X Scholarships.” Most gifts received for scholarships are credited to these generic designations
  • The specific scholarship destination is in the detailed description of the gift section (Section III) of the gift transmittal form. This will include the scholarship Banner fund number. D37xxx numbers are “annual contribution” scholarships. D39xxx numbers are “endowed scholarships.” U5xxx numbers are “general university” scholarships. These numbers help identify the destination of scholarship gifts. If you submit scholarship gifts, please include the text “For the xxx Scholarship D37xxx”. This will help determine the destination of scholarship gifts
  • Gift Administration reconciles all scholarship gifts received monthly. Any small gifts that are not for a specified scholarship are normally transferred to the college or department generic scholarship and sometimes to a generic scholarship endowment
  • If there are other gifts that are large and do not have a scholarship code attached, a determination of destination is made by Gift Administration. There are times when the development officer is contacted to determine the destination of the gifts received. Sometimes the donor is contacted as well
  • The monthly scholarship gift amounts received are transmitted to Student Financial Aid Services, sorted by the SFAS Fund Code (alphabetical code). They update their records to include this amount in the overall balance available for the scholarship
  • Annual Contribution Scholarship gifts are on a different cycle than N Gift Accounts. Scholarship Gifts are transferred to the University of Idaho twice per year, August and February. 95% of the amount received is transferred by the University of Idaho Foundation, Inc.
  • The scholarship codes (alpha) provided by Student Financial Aid Services correspond with the D37, D39 or U5 number through the detail code. The designation report for the colleges and/or departments include both the SFAS code and the Banner fund number.
    • This will help to act as a bridge between SFAS and Gift Administration. SFAS uses the alpha code and Gift Administration uses the Banner fund number. By being able to know both codes associated with a particular scholarship, this should help in researching the history of these accounts and in requesting transfers. When scholarship transfers from other budgets are requested, both the Financial Aid Fund Code AND the Banner fund number should be included in the request

Scholarship Transfers from N-Gift Accounts

  • For departments that wish to transfer money from their N Gift Accounts to scholarship accounts, the request is made to Student Financial Aid Services. The department and/or college level fiscal staff should complete a budget transfer (Journal Type BTLS on Banner) to move the funds into 15—Transfers. It is best if the journal entry for this is posted before the request is given to Financial Aid. When the departments complete a budget transfer before the transfer request, it allows for faster processing of transfers to scholarship accounts.
  • These requests should go to Financial Aid first and then are forwarded by SFAS to Gift Administration (E-mail is fine). Be sure to include the budget number, amounts, SFAS Fund Code (Alpha), and Banner fund number (D37, D39, U5)

Scholarship Transfers from Y Operating Accounts

  • The request is the same as the N Gift Accounts. However, it may be necessary to notify either departmental or college level fiscal staff and/or the budget office to ensure that using these budgets for a scholarship transfer is an allowable expense

Scholarship Transfers from K Grant Accounts

  • The request is the same as N Gift Accounts. The requests are then forwarded on to the Office of Sponsored Programs to record the expense

Endowed Scholarships

  • Gifts for endowed scholarships are processed in the same manner as all other gifts. The gifts are deposited directly into the endowment principal account. The gift is not available to spend; only the earnings on the endowment can be spent. Gift Administration provides a projection of earnings to SFAS each year in February; this is the amount that SFAS provides to the scholarship committees for awarding. Endowment earnings are calculated at the end of the fiscal year and are credited to the scholarship accounts in July