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Even though the first official day of summer has just passed, Andrew Brewick already is looking forward to the start of fall semester and the new role he will play as support to academic advisers.

Brewick, recently appointed as the director of academic advising – a new University position – will serve as a resource and provide support for faculty and staff academic advisers across campus.

“This is a new and creative approach to helping advisers at an institution like ours,” says Brewick. “This is a great challenge, I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for the University faculty, staff and students.”

While Brewick previously was serving in a similar role in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, he is enthusiastic about the chance to bring a larger group of people together. He says the position is largely unique at an institution that does not have a central advising staff and this position will offer knowledge and resources to all colleges.

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Jeanne Christiansen says the position has been in development for awhile now, but care was taken to make sure the right position was defined for the University and that the post attracted the best group of applicants.

 “We are committed to advising and mentoring students as they meet their goals and aspirations here at the University of Idaho,” says Christiansen. “Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment to advising, and has already invested in approaches to support this important work of staff, faculty and students.”

Brewick is quick to point out there are a lot of great advisers across the University, but advising is usually concentrated during a short period of time when there are many other duties faculty and staff are assigned. He says his job is to help out where he can and offer assistance, knowledge and research on new best practices in advising.

Brewick is hoping to meet with several colleges to offer his services, which are not mandatory, to see what is working and what is not and to offer suggestions and solutions, if needed.

“I’m acting as an intermediary between all areas on campus in a new and innovative way,” says Brewick. He also is working to build a Web presence so that information can be easily disseminated and tutorials can be made available. He adds he has an open door policy and hopes advisers will come to his office if they need his assistance, and he is willing to come to a department or individual.

Brewick will be heavily involved with the University of Idaho Academic Advising Association and also is looking at the annual advising symposium as a way to provide training for new advisers and development for established advisers.

Brewick’s work will be primarily focused on undergraduate academic advising: class registration, career advice, major requirements and giving direction, as graduate level advising is very different.

Brewick’s office is located in TLC 231 and he can be contacted at abrewick@uidaho.edu or (208) 885-6300.