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A New Way to Say “Hello”

New Hello Walk steps

Say “hello” to a new set of stairs leading up to the Hello Walk. The new stairs replace the old steps, which dated to the 1960s.  
The new stairs are reminiscent of those that originally occupied this space at the corner of Blake and University Ave. from the early 1900s until the 1960s. The work is nearly complete. 
The full project will also see the installation of a sidewalk along a portion of Blake Avenue, a concrete paver landing at the bottom of the stairs and Hello Walk identification medallions.

The project received funding from the State of Idaho Permanent Building Fund <http://www.adm.idaho.gov/pubworks/dpwconstprojects.htm#Recent>.
Hello Walk is one of the best-known and traveled pathways on the Idaho campus. It is surrounded by trees and grass and navigates through a rich history of statues, landmarks and traditions.
Its name originated with University President Alfred Upham who, in the 1920s, insisted on saying “hello” to all those he passed, and this act of kindness was then required of all students and faculty on campus.