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University Policy Changes Jan. 1 - Oct. 14, 2011

New/amended policies can be viewed, with redline edits, at the University Policies website: www.webs.uidaho.edu/uipolicy/track_policies.htm. Each new/amended policy is assigned a university policy number for tracking purposes following the policy book number Administrative Procedures Manual (APM)* or Faculty-Staff Handbook (FSH).

University Policy Number Key: N = New policy; E = Emergency D = Deletion
M = Minor change (housecleaning, fed/state/regents, etc.)
S = substantive change (change in intent/rewrite)
APM 30.03 UP-12-001 Information Technology Security Access M
APM 35.05 UP-11-048 Management of Lead-Containing Paint N
APM 35.21 UP-11-070 Fire Emergencies and Response S
APM 35.24 UP-11-071 Fire Extinguishers M
APM 35.65 UP-11-052 Laboratory Contact Information S
APM 45.08 UP-11-059 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects S
APM 45.19 UP-12-004 U.S. Export Controls M
APM 60.02 UP-11-045 Purchasing Cards S
APM 60.13 UP-11-044 Waiver of Competitive Bid Process S
APM 60.22 UP-11-051 Contract/Agreement Review & Approval Log S
APM 60.50 UP-11-043 Recycled Paper N
APM 60.51 UP-11-046 Rehabilitation Facilities N
APM 65.04 UP-11-050 Records Center Reference Requests S
APM 65.05 UP-11-049 Transferring Records to the Records Center S
APM 80.05 UP-11-047 Parking & Transportation Services S
APM 95.14 UP-12-002 Campus Security Authorities S
FSH 1420 UP-11-037 University Administration S
FSH 1460 UP-11-033 University Wide Policy Development Process S
FSH 1520 UP-11-027 University Constitution (clinical/associated faculty voting) S
FSH 1540 UP-11-034 Standing Rules of University Faculty S
FSH 1565 UP-11-024 Clinical Faculty S
FSH 1565 UP-11-028 Associated Faculty (voting clarification) S
FSH 1570 UP-11-035 Faculty Secretary S
FSH 1580 UP-11-036 Bylaws of Faculty Senate S
FSH 3085 UP-11-007 Dual-Career Accommodation N
FSH 3180 UP-11-006 Professional Development & Learning N
FSH 3450 UP-11-038 Presidential Actions to Manage Expenditures to Respond to Financial Challenges S
FSH 3520 F-9 UP-11-026 Tenure Extension S
FSH 3750 UP-11-008 Educational Fee & Tuition Deduction S
FSH 4130 UP-11-042 Standard Course Numbers S

Pending (Still in review or awaiting approval)
APM 05.08 UP-12-006 Vehicle Coverage and Use S
APM 40.29 UP-12-005 Campus Advertising/Posting/Temporary Signage Policy S
APM 45.02 UP-11-053 Sponsored Projects Proposal Preparation & Authorization S
APM 45.03 UP-11-054 Definitions for Grants, Contracts and Gifts S
APM 45.04 UP-11-055 Notice of Sponsored Projects Establishment of Budgets S
APM 45.05 UP-11-056 Early Setup of Sponsored Project Budgets S
APM 45.06 UP-11-057 Allowable and Unallowable Sponsored Project Expenditures S
APM 45.07 UP-11-058 Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects S
APM 45.09 UP-11-060 Effort Reporting and Personnel Activity Reports (PARs) S
APM 45.10 UP-11-061 Facilities and Administrative Rates S
APM 45.11 UP-11-062 Sponsored Projects Ending Notices (merged with 45.12) D
APM 45.12 UP-11-063 Sponsored Project Closeout and Recordkeeping Responsibilities S
APM 45.13 UP-11-064 Program Income on Sponsored Projects S
APM 45.14 UP-11-065 Approvals for Post Award Changes to Sponsored Projects S
APM 45.15 UP-11-066 Subawards and Subcontracts S
APM 45.16 UP-11-069 Sponsored Programs Payment Management S
APM 45.17 UP-11-067 Fixed-Price Sponsored Project Awards S
APM 45.18 UP-11-068 Unallowable Sponsored Project Expenditures (merged w/45.06) D
APM 95.20 UP-11-040 Sexual Assault S
FSH 3320 UP-11-004 Annual Evaluation Form 2 – trial period S
FSH 3460 UP-12-003 Overtime Work, Comp Time & Holidays S
FSH 3860 UP-12-007 Grievance Procedures for Classified (due to change to APM 5.08) S
FSH 3930 UP-11-011 Separation of Classified Employees S