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Zombies: They’re Not Just for Halloween Anymore

Zombie Emergency Defense

As part of the “Use your brain, or the zombies will” campaign, the University is using popular culture to reach students, staff and faculty and encourage them to think about emergency preparedness, create emergency kits, and to update emergency contact information.

“Although we use the undead to make the message funky and fun, the content is very important,” says Nancy Spink, University risk management officer. “We’re encouraging everyone to prepare for emergencies by making a plan, building a kit and getting involved. We’re stressing personal responsibility for emergency preparedness, based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “3 Days, 3 Ways” campaign. There is a lot of valuable information within the materials.”

The Zombie Defense Training videos on the Zombie Emergency Defense site help students, staff and faculty prepare for the worst – a zombie attack, -- but it also helps prepare them for other emergency situations.

Spink says learning now how to prepare, respond and recover when the worst happens can later make the difference between life and the undead for you and your loved ones.

In addition to information provided on the website, University community members can update their emergency contact information with the University and be eligible for a chance to win an iPod, zombie gift packs and iPod Shuffles. They also will be holding opportunities for updating on campus.

The next session to update emergency contact information and pledge to make an emergency kit will be Oct. 19, 9- 11 a.m. in the Commons. You will have a chance to win an iPod Shuffle.