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New Vandals on the Horizon

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Excitement is mounting for upcoming Vandal Friday sessions. With the ASUI Kibbie Activity Center offline for the spring and summer, this year’s Vandal Fridays will offer new experiences to new students with the same enthusiasm in a slightly different approach.

“We still expect a good number of people, but with fewer visitors at one time, we’ll be able to spend more time with them and offer a fuller view of campus life,” says Vandal Friday co-coordinator Angela Helmke, associate director of programs for the Office of Admissions.

Much like last year, there will be four Vandal Fridays. Instead of one large event though, there will be two medium-sized events and two smaller limited Vandal Fridays. Helmke says it was a challenge to find alternate spaces on campus to host events, but the opportunity to share more of the campus has been a pleasant outcome.

The first two medium-sized Vandal Fridays will still open with a welcome rally and the marching band, but in the Memorial Gym this year. In addition, the Student Recreation Center will be used for the activities fair, the commons for info sessions, the SUB for lunch and the main bookstore to gear up.

“We’re going to have smaller crowds each time, but in a smaller space it’s going to be very exciting,” says Helmke. “This gives future Vandals and their families a greater scope of the University.”

Both the March 25 and April 1 events will feature the overnight housing experience on campus, along with the activities fair, tours, information and advising sessions and registration. The limited sessions, which are expected to see fewer visitors to campus, are on April 8 and 15. These sessions feature more of the nuts and bolts – the business end of being a student, and fewer crowds during the one-day events.

Helmke says she is expecting the same number of participants as last year, possibly a few more, but spread out over the four days. Currently, 1,500 people – about 600 future students – are attending each of the first two Vandal Fridays.

With so may new faces on campus in the next coming weeks, Helmke says staff and faculty can definitely show their Vandal pride in Vandal gear. She adds to be on the lookout for people who may appear lost and offer them assistance in finding their destination since so the event is more spread out over campus.