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Ready, Set, Summer Theatre

Idaho Repertory Theatre 2011
July 6 - August 7

University of Idaho Hartung Theatre
Evening Performances 7:30 p.m. | Sunday Matinees 2:00 p.m.

Noises Off
by Michael Frayn
Directed by Chris DuVal

"Noises Off" follows the on-and off-stage antics of an acting troupe as they stumble from bumbling dress rehearsal to disastrous closing night. Everything that can go wrong does, as actors desperately tries to hang on to their lines, their performances and the furniture. Add a slippery plate of sardines and many slamming doors, and you have the most hilarious backstage farce ever written.

The Taming of the Shrew
by William Shakespeare

The ultimate battle of the sexes is commenced in Shakespeare's most outrageous comedy, as sharp wits and sharper words are furiously exchanged between suitor Petrucchio and his would-be bride Katherina. Packed full of slapstick humor, riotous jokes and a rogue's gallery of colorful characters, this is Shakespeare at his most hilarious. Bring a picnic before the show and enjoy our Moscow summer and green show entertainment and then join us inside for a play that is bound to create a buzz around town. 

Moss Gown
by Micki Panttaja

Based on the book by William H. Hooks, "Moss Gown" is the classic Cinderella fairy tale told with a Shakespearean and Cajun twist. Set in the deep south amongst palatial estates and mysterious swamps, "Moss Gown" tells the story of Candace, the youngest daughter of an aging plantation owner, who decides to divide his land among his three daughters, according to the degree of their love for him.

Just like in "King Lear," the two older sisters flatter and fawn over the old man, but Candace is banished from her home when she is unable to express how much she cares for her father in the flowery language he desires. 

Cast out, she embarks on a fantastic journey where she is swept up by a storm that takes her to a eerie swamp where she encounters a strange woman who gives her a magical dress. With dress in hand, she wanders onto a plantation owned by a handsome young man, and inhabited by a number of colorful characters. 

"Moss Gown" combines humor, mystery, magic and wonderful storytelling.  A treat for audiences of all ages.

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