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University Policy Changes as of December 31, 2010

New/amended policies can be viewed, with redline edits, at the University Policies Web Site: http://www.webs.uidaho.edu/uipolicy/track_policies.htm. Each new/amended policy is assigned a university policy number for tracking purposes following the policy book number Administrative Procedures Manual (APM)* or Faculty-Staff Handbook (FSH).

Policy Book Number

University Policy Number Title
M = Minor change (housecleaning, fed/state/regents, etc.)
N = New policy; E = Emergency
S = substantive change (change in intent/rewrite)
D = Deletion
APM 05.32 UP-11-003 Drug Free Workplace – move to Chapter 95 M
APM 35.32 UP-11-002 Safety & Loss Control Program M
APM 40.30 UP-11-018 Arboretum Development & Management S
APM 45.21 UP-10-015 Responsible Conduct of Research Training N
APM 55.13 UP-10-017 Miscellaneous Paycheck Deductions S
APM 60.41 UP-11-010 Moving Expenses for UI Personnel S
APM 95.21 UP-10-016 University Closures S
APM 95.31 UP-11-013 Alcohol M
APM 95.32 UP-10-014 Drug Free Workplace S
APM 95.33 UP-11-019 Reporting Incidents of Violent or Threatening Behavior M
FSH 1640.71 UP-11-009 Radiation Safety Committee S
FSH 3050 UP-11-005 Position Description Form – update references M
FSH 3320 UP-11-012 Annual Evaluation Form 1 – remove example box M

Pending (General Faculty Meeting and/or in review)
FSH 3320 UP-11-004 Annual Evaluation Form 2 – trial period S
FSH 3? UP-11-006 Professional Development & Learning N
FSH 3? UP-11-007 Dual-Career Accommodation N
FSH 3750 UP-11-008 Educational Fee & Tuition Deduction S
FSH 3930 UP-11-011 Separation of Classified Employees S

*NOTE: The APM Alphabetical Index online has been updated and expanded here: http://www.uihome.uidaho.edu/default.aspx?pid=85210. Should you come across any errors, please email apm@uidaho.edu.