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Busienss Law Gems website

Under the guidance of Professor Wendy Gerwick Couture, students at the College of Law have launched a website, www.businesslawgems.com, containing summaries of business law opinions issued by the federal and state courts of the gem state.  The mission of the website is to provide a service to Idaho lawyers and business leaders by informing them of newly issued business law opinions affecting their practices or enterprises.  The website also has the academic purpose of enhancing the education of University of Idaho business law students about the importance of staying abreast of relevant case law and about how to summarize opinions concisely and clearly.

Topics covered by the initial postings to the website include contracts, employment, insurance, real estate, property security, statutes relating to business and commerce, and business-related torts.  The cases are synopsized and searchable by subject or author.

Professor Couture, a former business law practitioner in Dallas who joined the full-time law faculty at Boise in 2010, will serve as the website’s editor-in-chief.  She teaches Securities Regulation, Property Security, Negotiable Instruments, and Business Associations.  She received her B.A. degree summa cum laude at Duke, and her J.D. degree summa cum laude (first in class) at Southern Methodist University.  The 2L and 3L students who will serve as the founding board of contributing editors in 2011-12 are Jeff Butler, Jane Gordon, Aaron Hooper, Luke Howarth, Renee Karel, Scott Lindstrom, Van Lityouvong, Ky M. Papke, Brian Schlect, Nolan Sorensen, Jeff Street, and Brad Sweat.  The Business & Corporate Law Section of the Idaho State Bar has donated funds for a law student to assist Professor Couture in her editing duties.  Professor Couture herself donated start-up funds for the project.  

Further information is available from Professor Couture (wgcouture@uidaho.edu).