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Telephone Services

Telephone Services
Teaching Learning Center Room 128 
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ATT Phone Request

Setting up an AT&T Conference by Phone

These directions are for requesting an audio-only or a combination audio and web conference when you need the service right away. If you have 5 days lead time, the online request form is a better option.

The AT&T teleconference call center is open 24/7. Call AT&T at (800) 526-2655 to setup a new conference. As soon as the recording begins:

  • press or say “2” to create a folder
  • then press or say “1” to create or modify a folder

Inform the AT&T representative that you are with the University of Idaho and you want to setup a new Reservationless Conference with a new Folder I.D. The AT&T representative will ask you a series of questions. Below is a guide to the questions that will be asked. We recommend that you wait on the line until you have received the confirmation email from AT&T with your dial-in number and access codes.

  • Agency Abbreviation is “UI”- this is also referred to as Account Code or Account Number.
  • Host Phone Number - The phone number of the conference host. AT&T will ask for this number twice. Once at the beginning of the call and then again towards the end of the call when they are recording billing information.

If the host’s phone number is not located on the Moscow campus, you will need to send an email to the Telephone Services' billing group so they can enter your phone number and budget into our billing system. The email must contain the host’s phone number and the budget you want to use for the conferences.

  • Host Email Address – email address of the conference host. This is used for web conferencing also known as AT&T Connect service.
  • Physical Address - your U.S. Postal Service mailing address. It will be used to mail wallet cards out to the host.
  • Wallet Card - AT&T will mail wallet cards with the conferencing information out to the host if you request them.
  • Arranger Name - This is the name of the person requesting a conference for the Host.
  • Arranger Phone Number - This is the phone number of the person requesting a conference for the Host.


Due to cyber-attacks which have resulted in fraudulent charges, we have removed international access from our University of Idaho account. If you need access to a specific country send an email to Dawn Rasmussen. Include your AT&T Folder I.D., the Host’s phone number and the name of the country or countries that you need access to. Please allow 48 business hours for AT&T to update your account.


If you do not use your conference for a period of 6 months, AT&T may cancel your conference and you will need to contact them directly to setup a new conference.

Additional Information

Contact AT&T directly at (800) 526-2655 for additional information on the conferencing services or how to use specific features.