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Telephone Services

Telephone Services
Administration Building
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Conferencing – General Information

There are two types of Basic conferencing available, as follows:

Basic Conferencing

Previously known as No Charge Bridge
This service is available on all departmental telephones which are located on the Moscow campus. Instructions on how to use this service are available as follows:

Please note, if you are calling out long distance to 2 or more parties, it is less expensive and more convenient to use AT&T Conferencing. Although there is not a fee associated with Basic Conferencing, you are responsible for the long distance charges which carry a higher per minute charge than AT&T Conferencing, see below for more information.

If all parties on the conference have local telephone numbers, there are no charges associated with using Basic Conferencing service.

AT&T Conferencing

AT&T Conferencing can be used from any phone line in the USA that has access to Toll Free dialing.  For information on how to setup this service for your department go to AT&T Getting Started.