Thank You Staff


Recognized Staff Archive

May 2013

Linda Keeney, Manager, Accounts Payable & Janice Todish, Budget Management Specialist, Budget Office
Linda and Janice have been fantastic in working with me to get their Banner trainings and the Purchasing Car/Travel Expense training in online formats. They committed their time, energy, and considerable experience to the projects. Thank you so much! —Dixie Kearney, PDL Training Specialist, Professional Development and Learning

Mandy Charbonneau, Human Resources Technician, Human Resources
Mandy is very helpful. Whenever I have a question about a hiring process, payroll, or EPAF's she is always very quick with an answer. If she does not know the answer, she finds out what the answer is and always gets back to me right away. She is always cheerful and happy to help. Anytime I have any interaction with Mandy it reminds me of how lucky I am to work with such great people here at UI. —Candy Ihm, Program Specialist, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Scott Riener, Graphic Designer, Creative Services & Print Management
I am thoroughly impressed with Scott's prompt attention to detail and receptiveness to feedback in helping coordinate content and images for our department's promotion in the 'Here We Have Idaho' magazine. Thanks for making my vision and content a reality! —Jessica Berwick, Manager for Employer Relations & Communications, Career Center

Tammy Renfrow, Grad Admissions, College of Graduate Studies
Tammy picked up a difficult project when a person resigned due to the birth of a baby. Tammy was a lead person for the 2013 Innovation Showcase and without her dedication to the project it wouldn't have been a success. Tammy was involved in all aspects of the event as she was able to rapidly learn and make decisions with faculty / students and staff. I cannot say enough about her strong work and brilliant effort in making the showcase a success. —Jerry McMurtry, Associate Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Ali Frederiksen, Student Accounts/Cashiers Office
Ali was a great help with processing my payment and form for class registration this summer and I appreciate her friendly attitude. She was very prompt in assisting me with my help request, provided me with multiple options for resolving the issue and made sure to follow-up with me when the issue was settled. She made what I expected to be an inconvenient delay into a pleasant and smooth process. Thanks, Ali! —Savanna Chesworth, Animal Lab Assistant, Lab Animal Research Facility

Robert W Carlson, Customer Service, ITS
Robert has helped me twice - once in a remote session to make my email behave, and once to unlock my account. He solved my problems immediately, and was remarkably polite. Working with him is smooth and pleasant. Thank you for your help, Robert!!! —Ashleigh Bright, Customer Service Representative, Student Accounts

April 2013

Jaron Leavitt, Information Technology Services
Kudos to Jaron for getting me up and running with my new computer after my hard-drive went out. In the almost 5 years I've worked at Idaho, it was the best experience I've had with an ITS staff. Jaron was extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional. I especially appreciated that he took the extra time to stop by the following day to make sure things were still working smoothly. —Jessica Berwick, Manager, Employer Relations and Communications, Career Center

Greek Life Staff
Matt Kurz, Jordyn Wright and Robin Shoemaker (Dean of Students) have done an outstanding job of coordinating the Greek scholarship awarding process this spring and I very much appreciate their efforts! —Barbara Warnick, Associate Director for Scholarships, Student Financial Aid Services

Lodi Price, Executive Assistant to VP, Research and Economic Development
Lodi is very welcoming, supportive, knowledgeable, and straight forward. These qualities have helped me take a grip of my job responsibilities and work on perfecting my skills as an administrative assistant. She makes this work fun, interesting, and fulfilling. Lodi values my work, provides feedback, and offers challenges for my professional growth. —Julia Nkanata, Administrative Assistant 2, Research and Economic Development

Sammantha Green, Management Assistant, Research and Economic Development
Sammantha is my supervisor. I have worked with her for the last three months and frankly speaking, without her patience, knowledge, and calm nature, I would not have been able to do my job. I feel valued and appreciated as a new employee and look forward to coming to work every day. Sammantha is a bright torch for the vandal spirit and a good example of customer service representative and supportive supervisor. —Julia Nkanata, Administrative Assistant 2, Research and Economic Development

Sophomore Engagement and Perspective Class
Kudos to Jim Ekins, Leanne Ralstin, Eric Anderson (Career Center), Colton Oliphant (International Programs Office), Shawn O’Neal (School of Journalism and Mass Media), and Trevor Fulton (Campus Recreation) for presenting to the Sophomore Engagement and Perspective class throughout this current semester. Giving students the opportunity to hear first-hand about some of the ways they can utilize, get involved with, or incorporate Study Abroad, Career Center, Service Learning, Student Media and Outdoor Programs into their college careers. For many of these students these presentations were what pushed them to consider these opportunities. Their time and energy is much appreciated. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, ASUI & Department of Student Involvement

Danial Bleile, Web Coordinator-Research, Graduate Studies & Tara Roberts, Science Writer, University Communications and Marketing
One of UI's top climate change researchers, Von P. Walden, was recently featured on the cover of Nature. However, his accomplishments would not have been told as well or featured so effectively on the University of Idaho website without the team of Danial Bleile and Tara Roberts. The team is a powerhouse duo for touting our top researchers at the University. Their latest article on Von and his Climate Change Research (available here: U-Idaho’s Von P. Walden Studies Climate Change), is an exceptional example of communicating UI's leading work. —Joshua Paulsen, University Communications & Marketing

Tara Roberts, Science Writer, University Communications and Marketing
An excellent job on the Greenland Ice Sheet Melt story! —Chris Cooney, Senior Director of Marketing, University Communications and Marketing

Leah Andrews, Web Coordinator, University Communications and Marketing
Leah has patiently trained so many of the students in ASUI and Department of Student Involvement to help us keep our websites going and up to date. It seems like with every request the response is let's figure out how to do that. Our websites have become an incredibly useful tool for us, students, faculty and staff. We would be lost without you! —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, Department of Student Involvement

Spring Leadership Presenters
Kudos to Joe Roberts, Eric Anderson, Jessica Berwick, Jill Powell, Andrew Brewick, and Jesse Martinez. All of these folks presented during the Spring Forward: Leadership Conference, dedicating a portion of their Saturday to help our students learn more about what's next after college. For many students this will be an experience that they remember for the rest of their life or will inspire them to seek out a new direction in life. Thank you for taking the time to impact the lives of our students. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, Department of Student Involvement

Chen Chen, Human Resources & Melynda McNamara, VandalStore
Kudos to Chen Chen in Human Resources and Melynda McNamara at the VandalStore! Thanks to their help, we were able to get items into the Student Employee of the Year nominee baskets at the last moment. Melynda, you are very quick! Chen, you are very accommodating! Both of you are amazing! —Carol Mayer, Electronic Resources Assistant, Library

Arwen Bloomsburg, Administrator Assistant I, Independent Study of Idaho
Due to system design, Independent Study out-of-state employees' work hours must be reported manually. Every quarter the Payroll Office experiences reporting requests from external agencies with an extremely short turnaround time. Arwen has graciously complied with these "on-demand" requests every quarter enabling the Payroll Office to meet these deadlines and avoid fines and penalties associated with the work hour reporting. I wish to recognize and thank Arwen for her quick response to these quarterly requests. Arwen, you are greatly appreciated! —Delaine Flomer, Benefits Accountant, Payroll & Benefits

Matthew Couch, Senior Parking Attendant, Parking and Transportation Services
I was in a hurry to get to class and locked my keys in my car. Matt was doing his rounds in the gold lot and I explained what I did. He was kind enough to retrieve my keys and had them waiting for me when I got out of class. I was very grateful for the assistance. What a wonderful service to have for staff, faculty, and students. Matt's attitude about the whole situation certainly made it better. Thank You! —April Marie Buvel, Administrative Assistant II, University Support Services

March 2013

Noell Kinyon, External Relations Specialist, Career Center
Kudos to Noell Kinyon for all the hard work and planning she put in for our annual Etiquette Dinner for students. —Eric Anderson, Manager, Student Advising & Development, Career Center

International Programs Office
I would like to take this opportunity to extend KUDOS to the International Programs Office. I had to call them three times in 2013 alone for extreme language barriers here in the parking office. They are also so super nice, and have always been able to help me immediately and help my customers. You are appreciated and what a wonderful asset the International Programs Office have been to this office alone. —KD Bahlman, CSR11, Parking and Transportation Services

Aaron Mayhugh & Crew, University Support Services
I wanted to thank the Aaron Mayhugh and his University Support Services Crew for all of their great work during the Jazz Festival this year. My two daughters grabbed our tickets quickly and attended two evenings. Let’s just say they are not easy to impress. They indicated that the Jazz Festival was excellent. I realize my family and I are just a lucky recipient/spectator of all of Aaron M’s and the group’s hard work and nothing else. However, as a spectator only, I still want to thank him for all he does. I am guessing Events can be sometimes like Construction Projects. No one may notice sometimes until something small goes wrong. I never notice anything going wrong on an event. Aaron and his crew complete the Jazz Festival on time like clockwork every year. I am guessing that is no easy punt. More like a 55 yard field goal. I appreciate all he does for the University. —Bret Dillon, AES Project Architect, Facilities

Leah Andrews, Web Coordinator, University Communications and Marketing
A special thanks to Leah for teaching me about Google Analytics so I can better understand, and improve, our department's website. Leah continues to be a great resource for all-things web related and I know that sometimes her work isn't acknowledged as much as it should be, because a lot of it happens behind the scenes. Thanks for keeping all the Student Affairs pages looking sharp! —Jessica Berwick, Manager, Employer Relations & Communications, Career Center

February 2013

Carolyn Reader, Manager & Joy Stotz, FAMIS Specialist—Finance and Business | Facilities
Carolyn and Joy, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your support of our little University Support Services unit! April is constantly telling me how much help she receives from you and your staff. Your assistance last night with Stellant was a perfect case in point. We really needed to get a UBIT report back to General Accounting quickly. Your help made that possible! —Rob Anderson, Director, University Support Services

Kathy Haworth, Team Cleaning Specialist, Facilities
My name is Alaina Nye and I work in Renfrew Hall. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work Kathy does for the building. She always goes above and beyond her job. Recently, she suggested switching out the powder soap dispensers in the student labs that were not getting used with the foam soap dispenser. I am happy to say they are very much utilized now by the students. Thanks. —Alaina Nye, Lab Coordinator, Dept of Chemistry

Clint Payton, IT Systems Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs
With a tremendous amount of patience, Clint worked with me to get the GPSA Elections up and running. This was my first time organizing it and I had no idea what to expect. I had sent Clint several emails, of what we needed for elections, which were different this year than in the past because a newly revised constitution and by-laws are up for vote. Clint worked to get all of the documents I sent to him in the correct formats. Accepted the elections request late and then a moved date with no complaints or questions. From my understanding, Clint has been working with GPSA during their elections in the past. I would like to recognize his work, patience and understanding with me and GPSA for the current year and the past. Our elections wouldn't have ran without him! Thank You, Clint! —Kate Cobb, GPSA President (Graduate and Professional Student Association)

Amber Wilson, Employment Service Specialist, Human Resources
Before becoming the Employment Services Specialist, Amber was the approver of EPAF's for Human Resources, along with Myung. Amber has always went above and beyond in her customer service skills. She is the friendliest, most patient, and professional person I have had the honor to work with. I complete about 160 EPAF's every year, and the process can be very cumbersome, but Amber made this process very easy and she always made me feel like a "rock star" even when I probably didn't deserve it. The tiniest mistake will not allow an EPAF to go through, but Amber always spent time helping me however she could to get the EPAF through. Human Resources is very fortunate to have Amber in their employ. I also input all of the jobs for our Department into ATS, so I am lucky enough to continue to work with Amber, but on the job side and not the EPAF side. Her constant, cheery, can-do attitude always lifts me up. More than all of this, she is a true professional. She really knows what she is doing, and knows our systems so well. I, for one, believe she is an invaluable resource to Human Resources and the University of Idaho. —Cheryl Gardner, Financial Tech Sr, Department of Movement Sciences

Eric Schlueter, Information Systems Tech, Boise Center for Higher Education
Eric does so much as a team member for the IT group, he is always offering help and goes out of his way to provide good customer service. —Ivan Sanchez Pedraza, IT Tech Support, Boise Center for Higher Education

Ashleigh Bright, Customer Service Rep 2, Student Accounts
Working with students at an outreach location can sometimes be challenging. Ashleigh has gone above and beyond on more than one occasion to help me solve a student issue. She is wonderful to work with. —Angie Sowers, Enrollment Services - Coeur d'Alene

College Bowl Moderators
Mike Simpson, Butch Fealy, Shawn O'Neal, and Bruce Mann took on the hardest job in town, being a volunteer moderator for College Bowl, the wide range of vocabulary and intensity of the teams, makes this one of the most harrowing experiences of the academic year. THANK YOU for another successful year with 28 teams. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, Department of Student Involvement

Bruce Pitman, Dean of Students
Dean Pitman took the time to be the guest for our Lunches with Leaders program. It is a great opportunity for students to meet, eat, listen and engage with staff and faculty they might otherwise not interact with. We appreciate his time and dedication to students at the University of Idaho. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement. Department of Student Involvement

January 2013

Myung Chun, Employment Services Tech, Human Resources
Myung is a great asset to the University. She has an amazing amount of patience especially in light of the fact that she has to deal with EPAFs & EPAF questions all day. She answers questions quickly & she is always happy to help whenever you need it. She has a great attitude & is a fantastic resource! —Melissa Husebye, Administrative Assistant, Finance & Administration

Alan Odenborg & Bart Schumacker, Interiors, Facilities
We had quite a move to conduct from Morrill Hall the Administration Building over the December/January break. Alan and Bart had everything painted, new shelving up for faculty—the turn around was amazing—and we all appreciate the timeliness and quality of their work! —Kjelda Berg, Political Science, Martin School

Terry Quinn, Manager, Vandal card, Institution Ecommerce & Records Mgmt
Thanks Terry for helping me through the process of setting up UI MarketPlace for workshop registrations. You built the form for me and put up with my unending questions! Your expertise and customer service is amazing! —Theresa Araquistain, Administrative Assistant, Caldwell R&E Center

Robin Shoemaker, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Office of the Dean of Students
I'm thankful for Robin's assistance in teaching me how to post a position in ATS. She took the extra time to physically to come to my office and make sure I understood the process. Thanks for going out of your way to help, Robin! —Jessica Berwick, Manager for Employer Relations & Communications, Career Center

Ashleigh Bright, Customer Service Representative, Student Accounts
I have interacted with Ms Bright on several occasions, regarding tuition credit benefit for faculty. When I encountered difficulties with submission to various departments (three times), she would immediately check to see what was causing the problem and fix it. This is far superior than service by many others. —Peter Isaacson, Professor, Geological Sciences

Ashleigh Bright, Customer Service Representative, Student Accounts
During the past couple of weeks, two faculty members came into my office and asked how they could inform Ashleigh’s supervisor of her professionalism, kindness, and quick response in getting answer for them to their specific requests. I have recently sent an email to her supervisor Linda Aherin but thought this would be a good way to say THANK YOU from the College of Science! —Lorrie Williams, Administrative Assistant Senior, College of Science

Jessica Berwick, Manager, Employer Relations & Communications
I would like to recognize Jessica Berwick from the Career Center for all the work she put into setting up and offering a free viewing of the LinkedIn webinar "The Start-Up of You" to the campus community today. —Eric Anderson, Manager, Student Advising & Development, Career Center

Office of Sponsored Programs Staff
I would like to thank the entire Office of Sponsored Programs staff for all the work they do assisting the College of Natural Resources with our grants. We are a research intensive college with lots of unique situations that can make the grant process a bit more "fun" sometimes. I just want them to know that their hard work on our behalf is appreciated. —Cathryn Knock, Business Operations Manager, College of Natural Resources

Sarah Martonick, Sponsored Programs Specialist, Office of Sponsored Programs
Sarah is always helpful and cheerful with our faculty and grant administrators during proposal submission. She has been especially helpful during CNR's Fiscal Unit reorganization. —Cathryn Knock, Business Operations Manager, College of Natural Resources

Wendy Kerr, Senior Cost Accountant, Office of Sponsored Programs
Wendy is always so helpful when I have a question or need help with a report. I really appreciate all she does for us at CNR. —Cathryn Knock, Business Operations Manager, College of Natural Resources

Marty Lunt, Personnel Service Specialist, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Kudos to Marty for her rapid response in letting us all know in CALS of the payroll deposit delay problems last week and as I was trying to use the W-4 system, an email popped up from Marty letting us know the W-4 system was not working properly. Thank you for your speedy notifications, it's very much appreciated! —Debra Rumford, Family and Consumer Sciences

Kenny Hites, Greg Thomas, Alan Odenborg, David Johnson, Facilities
Alan, David, Kenny, and Greg were able to help the law library pull together a last-minute carpeting project over the Winter break. Thanks to their help, we were able to get books back on the shelves in time for class! —Carolyn Todd, Circulation Supervisor, Law Library

December 2012

Bart Shumaker and Alan Odenborg, Interiors Tech, Facilities
Thank you both for the great work you did for our office. We appreciated your helpful, positive attitudes in completing the work on such short notice. You guys are the best! —Carry Salonen, Risk Specialist, Risk Management

Adam McKinney, IT System Integration Analyst, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
“A” is for Awesome Adam!!! There was an equipment upgrade at the Twin Falls R&E Center, involving new TV’s and videoconferencing equipment. The installation of the new equipment wasn’t as “user friendly” as hoped. Adam McKinney works for IT in CALS and takes care of all things computer related. But when asked to help with the TV’s and videoconferencing equipment, Adam jumped right in to help! He shared his technical savvy and troubleshooting skills and now everything is working great! It was a long and daunting process. Thanks, Adam for going above and beyond the call of duty! —Amanda Moore Kriwox, Program Specialist, Agricultural Education & 4-H Youth Development, Twin Falls R&E

Derek Johnson and Mike Beery, ITS - Management Information Services
Both Derek and Mike are very responsive whenever I have a banner access/report problem crop up. They have great customer service skills and are a definite asset to the university. On a daily basisl they make my work life better. —Kris Freitag, Financial Unit Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs

Flora Pitkin, Team Cleaning Specialist, Facilities
Flora does such an awesome job, I am adding that not only does she do an awesome job, but her attitude is spectacular and refreshing. We in the college greatly appreciate her very much. —Lorrie Williams, Administrative Assistant Senior, College of Science

Flora Pitkin, Team Cleaning Specialist, Facilities
Flora cleans classrooms and offices in the Mines building everyday but if other areas need attention that are not required of her such as adding paper towels, toilet paper, or hand soap in the dispensers, she immediately takes care of these areas when asked; she goes above and beyond in all areas! —Lorrie Williams, Administrative Assistant Senior, College of Science

Matt Vaughn, IT System Tech Senior, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Matt is almost available to help the staff in the Academic Programs Office with computer questions. We greatly appreciate his expertise and professionalism! Thanks Matt! ~Academic Programs Office, CALS —Katie Strittmatter, Asst. Director, College Retention, CALS

November 2012

Melissa Gottschalk & Lisa Miller, Payroll Assistant & Payroll Accountant
Melissa and Lisa are both very helpful when timesheets need approved or entered into the system due to late approvals. I appreciate all they do to make sure the employees of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences are paid on time!! Thank you both! —Marty Lunt, Personnel Service Specialist, CALS

Chuck Hatfield, Customer Service Rep 2, Facilities
Chuck consistently provides outstanding customer service; he is always cheerful and conscientious. Recently, he escalated a custodial emergency and the issue was promptly resolved by the custodial staff. The staff on the second floor of the Administration building was very appreciative of their quick response time. Whenever I have a Facilities related question, I can count on him for a reliable answer. I applaud him for his creative solutions, dependable follow-up and most notably his amazingly endless positive attitude. He is a pleasure to work with. —Glenda Bull, Administrative Assistant, Risk Management

Kris Freitag, Financial Unit Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs
Kris is always willing to assist me in learning new concepts and provides resources as well as background information to ensure that I have all the tools necessary to absorb and disseminate new information and concepts. She is always patient and helpful, even when I stop by her office 10 times a day! Thank you for helping me grow and learn in my position Kris! —Sarah Martonick, Sponsored Programs Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs

Rose Graham, Manager, Commons Copy Center
She is an amazing boss with a high spirited personality and always making sure everyone is taken care of. It has been a pleasure working for her these last four years. —Alma America Elias, Sociology-criminology major, Senior Tech Copy Center

Melissa Husebye, Administrative Assistant, Finance and Administration
Melissa is always helpful and friendly. If she doesn't know the answer to a question, she finds out and quickly returns the call or email. Thank you for being such a great team player, Melissa! —Cynthia Adams, Administrative Assistant, Purchasing Services

Professional Development and Learning, Human Resources
The PDL staff has made some amazing strides in the program and deserves recognition. There are many wonderful, useful, helpful courses being offered to the employees right now. The selection is amazing. The Word and Excel classes are awesome for us Administrator’s. Even if much of it is a refresher, there are always new tricks and tools to be learned. I really think PDL has moved in a positive direction and it is wonderful to have the employees, and in turn our campus community benefit, from these efforts. Thank you for taking our feedback to heart. Job well done! —April Buvel, Administrative Assistant II, University Support Services

Jesse Thomas, Reserve Coordinator/University Library
Jesse helped me with an Interlibrary Loan Request. He was professional and friendly. Jesse went the extra step to find the fastest way to get my book to me. Excellent customer service! Thank you Jesse! —Cynthia Adams, Administrative Assistant, Purchasing Services

Vanessa Henry, Administrative Assistant 2, Admissions and Campus Visits
Vanessa has gone above and beyond to help me complete my tasks while I am on a reduced schedule. She always asks if she can help after she has completed her own work. She is diligent, hard working and positive, and she brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere to our office. You are appreciated, Vanessa! —Cheyenne Smith-Sarkkinen, Administrative Assistant 3, Undergraduate Admissions

Lunches with Leaders Guests
Thank you to our fall semester Lunches with Leaders guests: Former Provost Doug Baker, Women's Center Heather Gasser, and Athletics Director Rob Spear. Your willingness to spend an hour with students sharing your journey is invaluable. All of you are incredibly busy so thank you for making the time. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, Department of Student Involvement

KUDO's to Facilities Crew
We are in the process of adding some new staff in Ag Science and the offices they will occupy shortly needed work—lots of work—shelf removal, wall repair, painting, carpet cleaning/stretching and repairs on a filing cabinet. Thanks to your people, it’s Friday and they are completely ready for occupancy! None of this would have been possible without the help and cooperation of Alan Odenborg, Interiors Foreperson; Bart Shumacker, Painter; BJ Schenck, Machine Shop Foreperson; Terri Benscoter, Construction Contract Supervisor; and Pete Haworth, Custodian Foreperson. The coordination of effort was impressive and we are very grateful to them all for responding the way they did. —Kathy Devoe, retired Administrative Assistant II, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

October 2012

Bret Dillon, Project Manager, Architectural and Engineering Services, Facilities
Thanks for your leadership on this project (for his oversight and role in delivering the $660K project renovating the recycling storage warehouse into a modern vehicle engine research facility for the College of Engineering). This remodel will provide a great improvement in our research capabilities. You did a good job juggling a wide variety of issues and requests. Thank you. —Larry Stauffer, Dean, College of Engineering

Tom Witt, University Access Coordinator, Facilities
We appreciate all the facilities people—they are polite and do excellent work. I am writing today to specifically mention Tom Witt, who helped us get a broken key out of our -80°C freezer. He did a great job and was a pleasure to work with. —Patricia Hartzell, faculty, Biological Sciences

Dawn Sundman and Larry Cann, Facilities
I want to commend your staff for doing a great job on the carpets in our Albertson's Building. What a noticeable difference was seen up and down the hallway. Nice work! THANKS! —Jan Mason Rauk, Management and Human Resources, College of Business and Economics

September 2012

Fall Leadership Week
Thank you to all the faculty and staff that presented workshops during Fall Leadership Week, this event would not have been a success without you. Your work will help to influence the next generation of leaders. Thank you.

Jeffery A. Dodge, College of Law, Associate Dean of Students & Administration and Instructor of Law, Ron Walters, College Art and Architecture, Adjunct Faculty Trapper Stewart, College of Law, College of Law Faculty, Director of Externship and Pro Bono Programs, Mike Beiser, Campus Recreation, Outdoor Programs Coordinator, Dr. Sharon Stoll, Professor and Director, Center for ETHICS*, Movement Sciences, Dr. Craig Chatriand, Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, Nick Sanyal, Conservation Social Sciences & Bioregional Planning, and Shannon Haselhuhn, Campus Recreation, Heath Education Coordinator. —Denise Carl, Student Engagement Coordinator, Department of Student Involvement

August 2012

Ron Shaw, Web Coordinator, Division of Finance & Administration
Ron has stepped up on behalf of our entire team with the implementation of a new calendar system and the move away from the WebEdit system. Not to mention, he's still found time to make some A-W-E-S-O-M-E videos to help us all train our units. While he's faced obstacles, hundreds of questions and push-back (yes, even from within our team (I'm pretty sure Ron is rolling his eyes at this piece of this message)), he's handled the moments gracefully and, in my opinion, deserves to be recognized. His project leadership has continued to propel us forward when things may have otherwise reached a standstill. —Johanna Blickenstaff, Web Coordinator, Enrollment Management

Women's Center and LGBTQA Office Staff
Thank you to Heather Gasser, Lysa Salsbury, Julia Keleher, Paige Davies, and Virginia Solan for the three most gratifying years of my work life. I cherish the time I spent working with all of you and will miss seeing you all daily. You are an amazing group of people and, while I'm excited for my new career opportunity, I am so sad to be leaving such a wonderful and positive work environment. Mad props to all of you! —Heather Ebba Maib, Former Women's Center staff

Serving Your New Community Volunteers
Huge thanks to Suzi Billington, Shawn O'Neal and Butch Fealy for volunteering their time to help out with SYNC (Serving Your New Community), our kick off service event for incoming students. We had almost 800 students participate and couldn't have made it all work without their assistance. Another big thanks goes out to Former President Nellis and Dean of Students Bruce Pitman, who both rolled up their sleeves and volunteer on a stream clean up alongside of our students. What a great example set for our community. —Bruce Mann, Coordinator, Center for Volunteerism and Social Action

Shannon Haselhuhn, Program Coordinator, Student Health Services/University Operations
Shannon was instrumental in planning, organizing and facilitating the 2012 Health and REC fair held at the Student Recreation Center on August 28th. Her forward thinking and can-do attitude made the event a huge success. Her goal of increased student participation was definitely met and everyone who participated had a great experience. Way to go! —Brian Mahoney, Operations Supervisor, Campus Recreation

Kim Salisbury, Accountant, General Accounting
Amazing work this summer. Thanks for all that you do!!!!!!!! —Vicki Cooper, Accountant, General Accounting

Heather Taff, Accountant, General Accounting
Amazing work this summer! Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!! —Vicki Cooper, Accountant, General Accounting

Presenters at the Student Org Advisor Colloquium
KUDOS to Kent Nelson-General Counsel, Carry Salonen-Risk Specialist, Bill Smith-Director, Martin Institute, Bruce Mann-Coordinator Volunteer Center, and Colleen Quinn-Director, Department of Student Involvement. All these folks presented at the student organization advisor colloquium on Friday, August 24. Without their expertise this event would not have been successful. Thank you for your time and knowledge. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Department of Student Involvement

July 2012

Payroll Victory Team
Amber Wilson and Myung Chun-EPAFs/HR Dept., Jill Robertson-Budget Dept., Mellody Miller-COS, and Lisa Marquez-Payroll Dept. I'd like to give THANKS & KUDOS to these employees who worked as a TEAM and helped me gain VICTORY over a payroll problem. This is the kind of inter-departmental cooperation that makes the University of Idaho a great place to work! Thank you so very much! —Deb Cissell, Administrative Assistant 2, Department of Chemistry

Judy Dinwiddle, Movement Sciences
Judy is always gracious when I appear in her office, often sweaty and out of breath from playing soccer, looking for help with one thing or another. Coming through with ice packs for an injured player with the International Soccer Club last week is par for the course—but oh-so-appreciated! —Bill Smith, Director, Martin Institute

Renfrew Hall Team
I'd like to offer my sincere compliments to your Facilities operation for the superb job that the custodial staff is doing in Renfrew. I've been here a long time and I cannot ever remember this much attention being devoted to physical appearance of this building. I don't know that this poor old building can ever sparkle but your staff is doing their very best to make that happen. Over the years I've gotten to know a good many of the custodial staff and have always admired their dedication, work ethic and sense of humor. The team that is in Renfrew is superb and I hope that you will officially relay my compliments to them. —Tom Bitterwolf, Academic Faculty, Chemistry

Most of Section A staff in Renfrew Hall this last month in doing projects to make the building look good. The supervisors are Kerry Russell, the Custodial Foreperson, and Bonnie Bernstein, the Team Cleaning Lead. Here are the names of the staff who had a hand in making Renfrew Hall look good this last month: Floria Pitkin, Ben Lecoultre, Nathan Bingham, Jacy Van Pelt, Jim Nelson, Kathy Haworth, Corilynn Rice, Jamie Frausto, Scott Springer, Mellisa Stoor, Keith Rutler, Josh Manni, Guy Schmidtlein, Joanna Clark, Mikal Krogstand, Sasha Nowack.

June 2012

Shana Codr, Administrative Assistant II, 4-H Youth Development
Administrative Assistant Shana Codr needs to be recognized for her accounting innovations. The loss of a full-time financial technician in our department left a void that has remained unfilled. Last year we did not collect all 4-H conference registration and workshop fees due simply because we did not have staff to perform this task. Shana said she was willing to work on the problem, and designed a system that eliminated most data entry, streamlined accounting practices, and reduced workloads for our office, administrative staff, accounts payable, and county Extension offices. There are no words to express how grateful we are for her hard work and cheerful demeanor during several stressful months in our office. —Claudine Zender, Extension Associate, 4-H Youth Development

Catherine Weitz, Application Administrator, ITS
Thank you to Catherine Weitz, who worked with the VandalWeb technical team to modify the View Document screen in the Finance tab to automatically flood in document text for the document approver. This change is a great improvement to the functionality of the Approve Documents list. I really appreciated Catherine's responsiveness to my request for the change and her ability to liaise with the technical team to make sure it got done. Thanks to the team that worked on this as well! You all helped make my job a little easier. :) —Cheyenne Smith-Sarkkinen, Administrative Assistant 3, Admissions

Key UI Participants—Facilities
Kudos to Ben Camp, Project Manager; Butch Fullerton, Construction Manager; and Phil Livelsberger and Meredyth Whiteman, Landscape Irrigation System Coordinators. “I have been meaning to send this email forever. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautification project on Perimeter Drive. I love the new lights (and took advantage of better visibility when the days were shorter), the trees, the path, everything. It looks amazing! Thank you for all the hard work to make that entrance/exit to campus look wonderful!” —Claudia Wohlfeil, Site Operations Coordinator, University of Idaho Bookstore

Kris Roby, College Advisor, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Kris not only helped guide me through some important decision making as a staff member who is also a student, she provided extra help when registration was tricky. I later discovered that she was cheerfully assisting me while on vacation. Thank you for your dedication! I so appreciate your expertise and commitment. —Dixie Kearney, Training Specialist, Professional Development and Learning

Tutoring and Academic Assistance Programs Staff
Suzi Billington as the Director of TAAP and the entire TAAP staff needs to be recognized for the outstanding work they do to provide access and success support for students at UI. At our recent spring in service session, the TAAP staff under the leadership of Suzi Billington, managed to update and improve the TAAP mission and vision statements. We were able to do this because of the amazing team we have in TAAP. This successful teamwork is what allows us to the best job possible. Thanks for being such wonderfu colleagues these past two years. —Sara Stout, Manager, Tutoring and College Success

Danial Bleile, Web Coordinator, UCM and Research
Danial, I just want to tell you thank you for everything you do! You constantly step up to help the rest of the team out, and neither the Web Communications team nor the University of Idaho staff would be complete without you. You've stepped up as the analytics guru, and most recently, go-to-person for the little development requests we don't want to admit we need help with. You're an awesome co-worker and person, and I can't thank you enough! —Johanna Blickenstaff, Web Coordinator, UCM and Enrollment Management

Heather Ropelato, Assistant Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions
Heather has taken me under her wing these past weeks and helped mentor me in my new position. I have benefited from her tutelage to say the least and it is very much appreciated. Thanks Heather! —Forrest Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions

May 2012

Marty Lunt, Payroll Technician, Payroll & Benefit Services
Marty answered a concern regarding an adjustment that I made with a payroll form. She was extremely helpful and explained what I needed to do to correct the issue. She did not give me the run-around and I really appreciated her positive attitude! Marty you rock! —Karen Gillespie, Academic Advisor, College of Business and Economics

Todd Young, Web Specialist, CALS Educational Communication
Todd is beyond AWESOME!!! Not only did he create a system for me to track position authorization forms AND a system for departments to request EPAFs for centralization of EPAFs... he ALSO created a tracking system for requesting exceptions to IH searches!!!! Todd is my hero and makes my life easier!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! —Charity Buchert, Personnel and Diversity Coordinator, CALS Administrative Services

Ray Pankopf, Director of A and E Service, Facilities
Topic is the new Donor Wall at the Administration Building lobby. Thank you for the time and talent you so generously invested in making the donor wall a reality. The events of last week were magical and they have set the stage for our future in important ways that I don’t think we will fully appreciate for some time. The confidence and pride that filled our faculty, staff and alumni was priceless. That confidence will pay dividends for many years to come. I want to tell you personally how grateful I am for your support and for all you for THE University of Idaho. —Christopher D. Murray, Vice President, University Advancement

Video Communication, ITS
Major KUDOS to Daryl Power & Dee Thompson! We had a mishap and a $10,000 piece of videoconferencing equipment fell off its perch and Daryl and Dee came to our rescue by getting us up and running again in time for our next class with CDA. Thank you both for your optimism, quick response, and in taking care of us. Thank you! —Debra Rumford, Desktop Publishing Specialist/Technical Support, Family and Consumer Sciences

April 2012

Ron Shaw, Web Coordinator, University Communications and Marketing
Ron saved the day for us twice this last week. Though he was busy, he made time to help us through some urgent and complex web issues and helped to make the online Banner training classes function correctly. Above and beyond! Thank you, Ron! —Dixie, Julie and Elissa, Professional Development and Learning

Building Services Staff at the Commons and TLC
A big thank you goes out to the Building Services team at the Commons and TLC. These staff members keep our buildings in great shape, even during periods of high traffic. On Vandal Fridays they went above and beyond their regularly exceptional work, helping direct lost parents and students, and helping them to feel welcome. Great job! —Glen Kauffman, IFA Coordinator, ASUI

Ted Unzicker, Scheduling Coordinator, Registrar's Office
I appreciate Ted being on top of things with fall registration going on, especially since he's new to the job. He was able to quickly approve COWS for me that allowed registration to continue smoothly. Thanks a bunch Ted! —Lucinda (Cindy) Blum, Office Specialist II, Movement Sciences

Kelly McGahan, Kibbie Dome Assistant Manager
I was responsible for setting up the Vandal Friday table for the Golf Course last Friday the 13th. My sister was in the hospital in Coeur d'Alene and I was traveling back and forth. Kelly found me a cart to unload and store my decorations on and then let me leave my table decorations in her office Thursday afternoon. My plan was to be back around 9:00 am to set up my table Friday morning. I left Thursday to go to the hospital, got home around 11 pm and was at the Kibbie Dome by 9 am Friday. I was tired and stressed. When I walked into Kelly's office to get the cart to take my decorations into the dome to set up my table, I was met by Kelly and she said "I had some free time so I set up your table for you." WOW!!! It was perfect. Nothing nicer could have been done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. —Kandy Nelson, Operation's Coordinator, Golf Course

Angie Sowers, Enrollment Specialist, Coeur d'Alene
A big thank you to Angie Sowers for going above and beyond our expectations here in Coeur d'Alene in ALL that she does. She's a welcome site for students walking through the door at the Harbor Center. She takes on any task with a smile and a positive attitude and is the first to volunteer for extra projects. I especially appreciate her assistance with recruitment, Commencement and the student Easter Egg hunt this spring! —Becky Byers, Coordinator of Recruiting and Advising, Coeur d'Alene

Jana Joyce, Program Specialist, Mathematics
Jana is currently assisting in CNR with research proposals and I have the privilege of working closely with her. She is juggling two departments and doing a FABULOUS job! I really appreciate her quick work and upbeat personality! —Sarah Martonick, Sponsored Programs Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs

March 2012

Clarence Catt, Foreperson, Custodian, Idaho Commons and Student Union
The Payroll and Benefits Team would like to thank Clarence for all the extra attention to detail and great customer service that he and his team provided to us while preparing for and conducting the "Employee Health Fair" on March 28th. He was awesome to work with and is so appreciated by our department. Thank you Clarence, great job!!!!! —Susan Clark, Director, Payroll and Benefits

Lois Rasmussen, Administrative Assistant III, TRiO Projects
Representing our projects at Policy Seminar this week, juggling the needs of 6 projects within our department, and generally working so hard to make our jobs easier. —Ali Bretthauer, SVUB Project Specialist, College of Education - TRiO Projects

Kai Coldsnow & Shelby Owens—Sound, Production & Lighting
Deepest thanks and appreciation to Kai Coldsnow & Shelby Owens for providing sound services for the Women's Center's celebration of International Women's Day! You truly helped ensure that our event flowed smoothly and incident-free! —Lysa Salsbury, Program Coordinator, Women's Center

Doug Vandenboom, Buyer, Purchasing
Kudos to Doug Vandenboom for being consistently helpful, cheerful, and efficient. Doug has been invaluable in putting together many very detailed RFQ's for equipment for the classrooms. Thanks Doug! —Greg Clifford, Manager, ITS Classroom Technology Services

Angela Thornberry, Maintenance Craftsperson, Idaho Commons and Student Union
Angela, thank you for your hard work and dedication all the time, but especially with the additional work in the ASUI office as of late. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, ASUI 

Ryan Edinborough, HR Assistant, Human Resources
Thank you for all that you do to help our U of I New Employees get off to a good start! Your monthly visits to New Employee Welcome are appreciated! —Elissa Keim, Manager, Professional Development & Learning

Spring Leadership Dinner Facilitators
Greg Tatham, Ray Gasser, Amanda Mollet, Clint Payton, Heather Gasser, Jim Ekins, Bill Smith, Kelli Schrand, Kodjotse (Ro) Afatchao, Radhika Sehgal, Glen (denise) Kauffman, Jerry Galloway, Sharon Fritz, and Christina Kerns. Thank you for helping to make the spring leadership dinner with Vernon Wall a success by serving as a facilitator! —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, ASUI 

February 2012

Shawn O Neal, Manager/Adviser, Student Media
KUDOS for your help with the Ron Paul event. —Brian Moyer, Event/Security Coordinator, Idaho Commons & Student Union 

Cretia Bunney, Payroll Manager, Payroll and Benefit Services
Soooo grateful that Cretia is looking out to make sure people get paid when supervisors such as myself forget to approve time sheets! Thank you, Cretia! —Bill Smith, Director, Martin Institute/International Studies

Ann-Marie Bilderback, Sponsored Programs Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs
Words cannot express how much I appreciate her help and advice on proposal submissions. She is always so kind and helpful - Thank You Ann-Marie! —Cody Williams, Grants and Contracts Compliance Specialist, CALS Administrative Services

Phillip Sertich, Building Maintenance Craftsperson, UI Coeur d' Alene
Philip is an asset to UI NI. This past winter I worked many late cold nights. He was very attentive: always checking in on me, walking me to my car or watching as I left the building—ensuring my safety at all times. He makes UI NI a great place to work. —Marcee Hartzell, Director, College of Education - TRIO

Krystal Flack, Administrative Assistant, Landscape Architecture
Krystal provides exceptional support across the college with unwavering energy and commitment. We are fortunate to have Krystal as a member of our community and recognize her outstanding performance, integrity, humanity, professionalism, and initiative. —Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Professor, Architecture and Interior Design

Kim Malm, Management Assistant, Auxiliary Services
My gratitude to Kim for her recent help getting a new caterer's paperwork completed and approved so quickly. Because of her quick responses, we were able to complete the process in time for a stakeholder to hold an important training in our facility. —Elaine Kempton, Administrative Assistant, College of Law - Boise

Krystal Flack, Administrative Assistant II, Landscape Architecture/College of Art & Architecture
Krystal is always professional in her work habits. She is very thoughtful and goes out of her way to respond to students and the rest of us! The College of Art & Architecture is very fortunate to have Krystal as one of our team members. —Ellen McKenzie, Management Assistant, College of Art & Architecture

Peter Haworth, Custodial Foreman, Facilities/Building Services
THANK YOU so much for quickly responding and dealing with a yucky situation in Admin. It is people like you that keep our buildings beautiful, and you are very much appreciated! —Elissa Keim, Manager, Professional Development & Learning

Mark Edwards, Assist. to the President for Diversity, Equity and Community & Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Our first Lunches with Leaders was a success, thank you to Mark Edwards to sharing your story with students in such an authentic way. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, ASUI

January 2012

Bruce Mann, Justin Brown, Butch Fealy & Robert Tyler
Thank you to Bruce Mann (ASUI Student Engagement), Justin Brown (Campus Dining), Butch Fealy (Student Recreation), and Robert Tyler (law student) for serving as moderators for College Bowl. From Black Eyed Peas lyrics to adenosine triphosphate, your time is appreciated in reading some very difficult questions. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, ASUI

Marty Lunt, Payroll Technician, Payroll and Benefit Services
Marty Lunt has always been so pleasant and helpful in answering our department's payroll questions. She gets back to us quickly and goes above and beyond to research any issues that come up, answer our questions, and help our employees. Thank you, Marty! —Cheyenne Smith-Sarkkinen, Administrative Assistant III, Admissions

Landscape and Grounds, Facilities
Facilities Landscape crew—Thanks for a great job at snow and ice removal and keeping our UI campus safe! Coming in at 5 am isn't fun, but we appreciate it! —Cheri Cole, Administrative Assistant II, College of Graduate Studies

Kenneth McCurry, Dawn Sundman, and Kelly Cooley, Facilities
[Excerpted] I would like you to know how much I appreciate the work of you and so many of your employees, which supports our program and helps us provide a high quality setting for our early childhood program. I requested extra help in improving the appearance of our floors in the Child Development Laboratory. They were clean, but the fall semester activities with groups of young children had taken their toll on the shiny finish we enjoyed beginning the school year with. Although not in their schedule, Kenneth McCurry quickly responded, providing not only the care of the floors, but helpful explanations about the floor care routines the teams have determined to work best. When I thanked Kenneth afterward, he explained that Dawn Sundman and Kelly Cooley, in particular, were responsible for the additional wax and resulting beautiful shine now reflecting from our floors, which took the team several hours to complete. We are thankful for ALL you do for us and we do appreciate you every day, and I often tell many people how fortunate I am to work at the University of Idaho, and about how wonderful our facilities support is. —Suzanne Planck, Director of Child Development Lab, Family and Consumer Sciences 

Kim Osborne, Grants & Contracts Specialist, College of Natural Resources
I would like to thank Kim for her extreme attention to detail, positive attitude and amazing ability to multi-task. She is an amazing asset to this University and deserves recognition. —Sarah Martonick, Sponsored Programs Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs

Jamie Garlinghouse, Graduation & Commencement Services Specialist, Registrar's Office
For having a great attitude, being a pleasure to work with, and being so very competent with degree questions. —Katie Strittmatter, Assistant Director of Retention, CALS Academic Programs

Julie Clarkson, Administrative Services Manager, University Advancement
I would like to thank Julie for her dedication and commitment to the Advancement group. I appreciate her positive & professional attitude and always taking the time to help even when she's busy. —Irma Sixtos,
Administrative Assistant III, Advancement Services

Steve Merriam, Team Cleaning Lead, Student Recreation Center
A Safety Buck for Steve's 2011 efforts in doing weekly test/flushing of all 4 emergency eyewash units at SRC. More important than a dollar is knowing these units will do their job in the event of a chemical splash on skin/eyes. Thanks Steve! —Rob Miller, Industrial Hygiene Specialist, Environmental Health & Safety

December 2011

Marsha Benson, Telecommunications Supervisor, ITS Telephone Services
Marsha is so incredibly kind, helpful and willing to answer the silliest questions all the time. I appreciate the work that she does on this campus and it is always done with a smile. —Denise Carl, Coordinator, Student Engagement, ASUI

Guy Schmidtlein, Team Cleaning Specialist, Facilities
Guy truly takes pride in his work, and we appreciate it! He notices what needs to be cleaned, and makes sure it gets accomplished. We've rarely been cleaner. Guy is friendly and full of good humor; always greets us as he makes his rounds. Thanks, Guy! —Elaine, Molly and Becky Queener, Steiner and Schoenberg—the office girls in Mechanical Engineering

Linda Sheperd, Technical Records Specialist II, ITS - Records Management
I want to send a HUGE thanks to Linda Shepard for all her help with the many files we've had in records over the years. She is an absolute UI gem and is always a joy to work with! Thanks're the best! —Donna Crenshaw, Office Manager, Career Center

Rachel Halsey, Assistant Director of College Recruiting, CALS
On behalf of the Staff Affairs Committee—Kudos and a BIG THANK YOU to Rachel Halsey (Chair) for all her outstanding work and leadership she has done for Staff Affairs and she will be missed greatly. —Amber Crowley, Web Coordinator, College of Business & Economics and College of Education 

Glenda Bull, Telecommunications Coordinator, ITS-Telephone Services
Thanks to Glenda who successfully led the troubleshoot efforts in fixing the phone lines in CALS. Glenda is gracious, professional and great at her job. Thanks! —Kathy DeVoe, Admin, CALS

Bruce Pancheri (Plumbing Shop Foreman) & Elmer Johnson (Plumber/Water Systems)
Once again I want to thank you all for taking such excellent care of our Swim Center. Your diligent work and attention to the detail of our water quality has had a positive impact. Along with the human effort the recent upgrades has produced one of the finest aquatic facilities in the nation. All the best and THANK YOU! Your efforts are appreciated! —Dan Lawson, Aquatics Director, USS/Swim Center

November 2011

Althea Flegel, Program Coordinator, Idaho EPSCoR
Congratulations on leading organization of the 22nd National EPSCoR Conference and for the recognition you received from the National Science Foundation and the EPSCoR Community. Your hard work and dedication left an outstanding impression for Idaho. —Rick Schumaker, Project Administrator, Idaho EPSCoR

Melissa Husebye, Administrative Assistant, Finance and Administration
Melissa’s cheerful attitude and positive approaches has made the Risk unit’s staffing transition a good experience for those in our unit and the community we assist. Thank you, Melissa. You’re the best! —Carry Salonen, Risk Specialist, Risk Management

Judy Colbeck, Benefits Specialist, Payroll and Benefits Services
I would like to thank Judy for her quick response to an issue I experienced with AvantServe. She solved the problem in a few hours and was very pleasant. —Sarah Martonick, Sponsored Programs Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs

Fall Leadership Conference
I would like to extend a thank you to the following folks: Barry Bilderback, Charity Buchert, Alton Campbell, Mychal Coleman, Trevor Fulton, Jami Hinshaw, Sasha Johnson, Christina Kerns, Kelli Laxson, Bruce Mann, Cori Planagan, Beth Riggin, Leslie Rist, Mike Simpson, James Wagner and Jordyn Wright for presenting at this year’s Fall Leadership Conference on Saturday, October 15. The conference wouldn’t have been a success without you! —Denise Carl, Coordinator, ASUI Student Engagment and Leadership Programs

Marketing and Communications
A special "Thank you" to Marketing and Communications for paying for the cost of color printing of the "What is Staff Affairs?" brochure given out at the Staff Appreciation Fair. —Debra Rumford, Desktop Publishing Specialist/Technical Support, School of Family and Consumer Sciences 

Joe Pallen, Photo Specialist II, Photographic Services
Kudo's to Joe Pallen, recently won an award for his photos for the University. See more in the next Staff Affairs newsletter. —Chris Cooney, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications

October 2011

Shelby Silflow, Assistant Manager, John Bales, Director - Bookstore  
Thank you Shelby, John and the rest of the VandalStore team for your amazing work on the “Throw the Vandal V” event! Your efforts, commitment, and team spirit give true meaning to VANDAL PRIDE! Thank you!! —Chris Cooney, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications

Tim Roberts, Colin Hines, John Ackers, Campus Security - Emergency Services
A huge thank you to the members of the Allied Barton security team who provided an escort and traffic control for the "Take Back The Night" march. You did a fantastic job! Thank you! —Lysa Salsbury, Program Coordinator, UI Women's Center

Russell Walgamott, Violence Prevention Programs (B.E.A.R. coordinator)
A special shout-out and heartfelt thank you to Russell Walgamott for your tremendous efforts and hard work in helping to plan and publicize this year's "Take Back The Night." It was a great event, thanks in large part to your important contributions. —Lysa Salsbury, Program Coordinator, UI Women's Center

Shawn O'Neal, The Argonanut Staff
We wanted to thank Shawn and the staff at the Argonaut for their generous donation for the Take Back the Night Ad. We had an amazing turn out to stand up against violence on our campus! We appreciate all you do. —Violence Prevention Program/ Valerie Russo UI Women's Center/Lysa Salsbury

September 2011

Campus Mail Services Team
Kudos to the mail team! This was quite a job—over 24,000 pieces, 2 pieces per envelope that had to be hand stuffed… and all the large mailing envelopes came with the flap partially glued shut on them, so they had to be unstuck by hand, then resealed once they had the information in it. All on about a 2 week deadline. —Charles Zillinger, Director - Landscape & Exterior Services, Facilities

Staff Affairs Committee Personnel
On behalf of myself that was the best Staff Appreciation lunch I ever had. Bravo Zulu folks. —Joe Groves, Inventory Specialist, Asset Accounting

Lisa Marquez, Payroll Accountant, Payroll and Benefit Services
Lisa always always goes over and above for those of us in need. Payroll is vital to each of us and it helps to have a dept full of such helpful, polite, knowledgeable staff! —Theresa Albright, Financial Assistant, Kimberly Research & Extension Center

Heather Taff, Accountant, General Accounting
A great big Thank You to Heather Taff for all of the extra time and effort she has given in the last few months. Regarless of how busy she is, she is always willing to go above and beyond to help in anyway she can. Thanks Heather!!!!!!! —Vicki Cooper, Sr. Accountant, Controller

Michelle Wheeler, Administrative Assistant II, Research and Economic Development
Thank you to Michelle Wheeler for her outstanding work in organizing the Staff Appreciation Fair! —Shishona Turner, Administrative Assistant II, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Jim Logan, Communications Specialist, Registrar's Office
Thank you to Jim Logan for his outstanding work in organizing the Staff Appreciation Fair! —Shishona Turner, Administrative Assistant II, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Linda Shepard, Technical Records Specialist 2, ITS-Records Management
Thank you for always being so helpful and pleasant. We apprciate you! From the staff at Purchasing. —Cynthia Adams, Administrative Assistant II, Purchasing Services

Larry Chin, Principal Architect, Facilities
Kudos of appreciation to Larry Chinn and his team for the early opening of the loading/parking lot adjacent to the library during the installation project of the chilled water lines. Thanks so much! —Carol Mayer, Library Assistant 3, Library

Peg Hamlett, Fitness Manager, Campus Recreation
Special Kudos to Peg Hamlett! You truly went the extra mile to rearrange a schedule and find the additional resources needed to accommodate my request. I did not anticipate the request being fulfilled this semester, much less in a few days. Wow! Thanks so much! —Jeanie Levinski, Financial Aid Advisor, Student Financial Aid Office